Saturday, July 05, 2014

Day 5 - Article in Mint Lounge

I forgot the post-a-day for the second time in a row.  Wonder what that means!  Anyway, again, I have a publication handy to share with you.

During our trip to Mussoorie-Landour, we visited Everest's 19th century house, which is near Mussoorie.  It is a dilapidated house, its condition all the more distressing because of the monumental things that took place in that house in its heyday.

My account of our visit has been published in today's Mint Lounge - Debris of an odyssey.

Tomorrow, I'll be back to tell you more about our visit, and I'll post pics that haven't been published in the article.

And btw, Mint Lounge is a biggie for me.  I'm pretty pleased to have been published in this :)


Radhika said...

Congrats Shruthi!

Shruthi said...

Thank you! :)

- -