Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day 15 - A story in Earthen Lamp Journal

My story, Interlude, is in the latest issue of Earthen Lamp Journal.

"The lead story by Shruthi Rao is written is in the form of emails to a husband by a woman who has left home briefly in order to find herself again."

Did you hear that?  Mine is the lead story! :)  And I'm among writers I've enjoyed reading before - notably Madhulika Liddle of the Muzaffar Jang books.

It seems like a great collection - check out the whole issue when you can.


Srividhya Manikandan said...

Congrats and Interlude just awesome. Good luck :-)

Chhaya said...

Wonderful story, Shruti...makes one think about all things we tend to do, especially women, because that's what we are "supposed" to do. Congratulations !

Shruthi said...

Thank you! Nicely said, Chhaya.

P~ said...


Another person with your name :-)

Anu said...

that's a beautiful story, Shruthi! totally loved reading it... I'm sure a lot of women will identify with it.

Aparna said...

As always Shruthi you make your reader feel he/she IS the character in the story ..which takes the story to a whole different level.. And I'm not saying it because I'm a woman and it's this story.. That's an amazing art a writer I believe must possess.. I truly enjoy reading your work!

Shruthi said...

P~ I know! At least she has a slightly different spelling. Such a common name :(

Anu, you're right. I got mails from so many women telling me that it is the story of their life!

Aparna, thank you so much :)

- -