Who are you?
My name is Shruthi and I live in Bangalore, India.

What do you do?
I've qualified as an Energy Engineer, worked as a Software Engineer, and now, I'm a mother and a writer.

What do you like?
I love to read, and would have done it all day long, all my life, if it had been possible. I also love writing, music and travelling.

Who lives with you?
My husband, whom I refer to as S~, and my daughter, whom I call Puttachi.

How old is Puttachi?
She was born on May 23rd, 2007.

Is Puttachi her real name?
No, it isn't.

What does Puttachi mean?
It means "Little one" in Kannada.

Are the conversations with Puttachi carried out in English?
No, as of now, the conversations are mostly in Kannada. It is too much effort to write them down in Kannada and then translate them in English for the non-Kannada speakers, and so I put them down directly in English. After all, I just need to convey the effective meaning.

What is the meaning of Nychthemeron?

A nychthemeron is an English word used to denote a 24-hour period, a full period of day and night. I was looking for a url for my blog when A Word A Day sent me nychthemeron. I just liked it, and kept it.
A tip: Don't use such a difficult-to-remember url for your blog if you are starting one. It is quite a pain for people who read my blog occasionally but don't use a feedreader, or haven't bookmarked it. Thankfully, they google "Shruthi blog" or "Shruthi hallucinations" and come to my blog that way. :)

I'm having hallucinations, can you help me?
I'm so sorry, I'm not an expert on hallucinations - I know nothing about them, actually. (Except that I hallucinated once as a child when I had very high fever - but this I know only because my mother told me.) I don't exactly remember why I chose this name for my blog, but now I cannot dream of calling it anything else.
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