Thursday, July 10, 2014

Day 10 - The Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage

Sometimes, something that seems insignificant just saunters into your life, and then, before you know it, takes it over completely.

During the summer holidays, we were at my mother's place, and Puttachi was, as usual looking for more reading material to devour.  My mother reminded me about four books that were lying in storage - books that my cousin V had read when he was a kid, and had left them at my mom's place.

I went upstairs, and came back with the books, the first four of the seven books in the Septimus Heap series written by Angie Sage.  I inspected them and said, "Hmm, two or three more years to go. The standard is a little high for Puttachi right now."

Just then, Puttachi came along, and looked at the books.  She saw the title of the first one, "Magyk" and was intrigued.  "Amma,, can you try reading it for me?" she asked.

I shrugged.  We've never been too much into reading.  I've always felt that Puttachi enjoys it better if I narrate stories, rather than read them out to her.  So until now, all that I've read to her are small stories and passages - not entire novels. 

But I thought, okay, let's give it a shot.  Two chapters and we'll know how it is going.

So I started.  Two chapters turned to four - and then ten, and then twenty - before we knew it, we were half way through the book, and Puttachi was totally obsessed with the story, characters, settings.  True, I had to stop and explain a few words, but she got the gist of most of it by my expressions while reading it.  So the story flowed seamlessly.  And I was surprised at how she understood certain situations and concepts - I hadn't thought she was capable of that, emotionally, or intellectually.

We are now into the second book - Flyte, and I'm being a wicked mom and using it for leverage to get things done smoothly around the house.  But, so far, it is working beautifully. 

But in the midst of being outright obsessed and eating, sleeping and breathing Septimus Heap, Puttachi was very bothered about what we'd do after we reach the end of the fourth book.  Are the other three available at the library?  Or can we buy them?  But her problem was solved - my parents presented the other three books to her. 

Now, even before we've finished the second book, she's started guessing what will happen next, and makes up her own tangential version of future events.  Today, she told me her idea of the histories of some of the characters before the start of the events in the books.  Her imagination is in overdrive - sometimes it s more than I can handle, but it is a new, wonderful experience for both of us, and though it is a lot of reading for me to do, I'm not regretting it one bit.  We're having a whole lot of fun.

And already, I'm wondering what we'll move on to after Septimus Heap.  Harry Potter, perhaps?


Chhaya said...

Surprisingly, I have read the first book in the series myself and was pretty intrigued by it. My 7 year old hasn't read it yet..I borrowed it from the library just to read it myself ! I should perhaps borrow it again for him. Its wonderful that Puttachi seems to be engrossed by the series ! Happy Reading to both of you :)

PeeVee said...

Sounds lovely! And haha! Future is one thing, but I'm amused she's thinking about the *histories* of the characters! :D

Radhika said...

Reading has taken a back seat now a days. Your post is inspiration to start reading :-)

Shruthi said...

Chhaya, you should! Have fun!

Peevee, yeah I was also surprised about that. She's tracking the history of antagonism between two characters!

Radhika, good good :)

Aparna said...

Hey Shruthi ! After reading your post I got it from the library for Arnav and he doesn't want to keep it down! I'm reading the PDF version and we both discuss about what is to happen next! Happy reading with your daughter and thank you for introducing us to this series..

Shruthi said...

Aparna, I'm delighted. Enjoy!

- -