Monday, July 28, 2014

Day 28 - Monkeys

On a day-trip today, I clicked this pic of a monkey and its baby.  

I find it really adorable, the way monkey babies cling to their mothers.  Reminded me of an incident.  

When Puttachi was about two years old, we were watching a group of monkeys rampage around the trees of our neighbouring houses - from the safety of our barred balcony.  The people who lived behind our house decided to light crackers to scare the monkeys away. A monkey mother with its baby were examining the contents of an upturned dustbin on a terrace, and as soon as the first cracker was lit, there was a pretty loud sound.  The monkey baby jumped, sprang on to its mom and clung to her.  At the same time, in a mirror-image action, Puttachi jumped, sprang onto me, and clung to me.  The action was so similar that I was overwhelmed, while at the same time, I was laughing with amusement, and marvelling at how cute the entire thing was!

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