Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 24 - Throwback to Puttachi's babyhood

Peevee's new-born has my eyebrows.  Ok, so now that I've gotten that recorded, I'll move on to other less important matters. 

The baby's pictures remind me a lot of Puttachi.  Must be the mop of hair.   Though my other niece, my brother-in-law's daughter, also reminded me of Puttachi when she was born, the resemblance wasn't as striking as it is with Peevee's daughter. Got to be the hair.  It even falls onto their foreheads in the same way.  For each picture Peevee sends, I'm digging out a similar picture of Puttachi's at that age.  It's fun.

And I'm still restless that I can't wrap her in my arms.  Well, I've made and sent a crochet shawl to do the wrapping for me until I get to her.


Anu said...

That's a lovely shawl Shruthi! Have you come across Ravelry anytime? It's an online knitters and crocheters community and we have a SAC (South Asian Crafters) group. And there's a big bubbly bunch out here in Bangalore too. There's a wealth of craft related info out there along with lots of free patterns - we discuss, lend a helpful hand when required and even bond over some fun meets of like-minded craft-loving individuals. Do take a look if you can :)

Radhika said...

Very beautiful!

Anitha said...

you are a genius shruthi

Shruthi said...

Anu, yes I've refered to Ravelry several times. The group sounds lovely :) I use crochet mainly as work for my hands when I'm doing something else, like watching TV. I don't have much patience with complex patterns, yet. But I absolutely LOVE the crocheting movement. :)

Shruthi said...

Radhika, thanks!

Anitha, not really - this is a very basic pattern, anybody can make it :)

Anu said...

Oh wow! that's nice! Are you a member? It would be nice if you can introduce yourself to the group - there are some really lovely ladies out there - warm and welcoming :)
You can find me as babyloveknit - that's my rav name :)

- -