Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day 18 - Our children's safety

The news of a six-year-old who was raped 1) in school 2) by teachers 3) in broad daylight has driven parents crazy with fear and worry.   School, we always think, is absolutely safe - and suddenly we are not sure of that any longer. 

Day by day, the story is getting more horrifying.  This report made me cry.  To think that teachers, attendants, doctor, and the management - everybody knew about it, but sat on it for a week, and nobody thought of raising the alarm, telling the parents?

And the school is actually washing its hands off of all the responsibility?  How inhumane can we get?  While the rapists are direct perpetrators of the crime, the school, and all those people involved are equally culpable, and there is absolutely no excuse to let any of them walk away from this, unpunished.

Is there anything we can do other than feeling helpless?  The first step is to educate our children about CSA. If you haven't done this yet, please do.  There are several resources online to help you speak to your child in a way appropriate to his/her age. In this case, though, even if the child knew about CSA, she would've been helpless.

Rightfully, we should have strict security measures in all schools, and stringent background checks for the staff.  But that is easier said than done.  So we as parents have to do whatever we can to equip our children to be safe.

Also, tell your kids that it is okay to scream.  Loudly. And tell them that they don't owe blind obedience to teachers or anybody else in authority. And tell them that they should avoid going into any place alone.  And if anybody wants to take them away to a secluded place, they have to protest.  Again, loudly. 

I can't think too clearly right now, but this is what I thought of, off the top of my head. 

Please pitch in with comments, if any.


Radhika said...

Whenever I think of that child my eyes well up. I can't just imagine the plight of the parents.
Agree with your suggestion child should not blindly obey even if it's the teachers. The School covering up the incident is unpardonable. How on earth did no one noticed what's happening around them. Just can't come to terms with it :-(
Creating awareness in the child, talking openly with child so that it has no inhibitions to express itself is a must for all the parents.

Srividhya Manikandan said...

When I heard the news I was totally shocked and taken aback. Who do we trust? All this happened in the school and school is not ready to take responsibility... How can teacher lock a 6 yr old? What kind of punishment is that? The two male and the female teacher should be punished

Shruthi said...

Thanks for your comments, ladies.

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