Thursday, March 23, 2017

Day 23 - Columbia Historic State Park

The next vacation we went was with another family (Puttachi's BFF and her parents). We stayed in a vacation rental at Arnold, and visited Columbia Historic State Park and Calaveras Big Trees State Park. We booked late and landed up with a vacation rental that didn't look too inviting, but it turned out to be excellent. It was comfortable, had a well-stocked kitchen, and had multiple decks in the back, with hot tubs, and lounge chairs, and evening coffee tables, and a swing, and it was open to the woods. We made good use of everything. It was here that we saw the milky way (I'd never seen it before and it was exquisite.
A school established in 1860

So, first, about Columbia Historic State Park - it is a town from the time of the Californian Gold Rush. It is a quaint town, with old shops, houses, and even horse-driven carriages on the roads.

The classroom

Chores for children!

A school privy was cause for great excitement

This was in a museum, I think. The museum had some good displays, and lots of  information. IT was too dark inside for decent pictures, though

Walked into a bookstore and even this gentleman seemed to be from another era. Loved the whole feeling!

You could pan for gold here, if you bought a gold-panning kit. The kids found some gold flakes and some colourful minerals which they brought back safely.

The marks of desperation. After all the gold ran out, people scratched and dug into rocks in a final, desperate attempt to find gold.

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