Monday, March 13, 2017

Day 13 - Conversations with Puttachi

I was feeling lazy today to blog - so looked through my Drafts folder and found this. The first two conversations are from 2014. Don't know why I didn't post it at that time.

Me: Puttachi, you tell me so many stories, why don't you try writing down a few of them in your notebook?

She: Why should I?

Me: You'll forget your wonderful stories.  If you write them down, they can be recorded forever.

She: Don't say "forever."

Me: Why not?

She:  How do you know?  We're evolving, right? So if humans evolve into some other creatures, and if those creatures don't like books, then they'll get rid of books. So don't say forever. You don't know.  Nobody knows.

Me: (Meekly) Ok, I meant to say, you know, you can read them when you grow up.

She:  That's not forever.

Me:  (crumpling into silence)


Puttachi: (not able to sleep)  I'm not sleepy!

S: Why, what happened?

She: I'm scared.

S: About what?

She: The sun will become big, and it will burn the earth down.

S:  There are billions of years before that'll happen. You and me won't be around when that happens. Don't worry, go to bed now.

She: Oh ok. Good night!


This one is from Feb 24 2015:

I've been telling Puttachi about people going to Mars. We go through days of questions about where they'll live, what they'll eat, how they'll breathe, etc.

And after that, she goes on to other questions.

Puttachi: Will they divide up the land on Mars into countries?

Me: I should hope not. On Earth, countries evolved over time. Now that people are going there, they will probably identify themselves as "From Earth" and will hopefully not make distinctions based on nationality or religion.

Puttachi: What if they do?

Me: I'm not saying they won't. But I just hope they'll learn from the mistakes we on Earth have made and watch out.

Puttachi: Do you know what I think?

Me: What?

Puttachi: I think nationality will not matter on Mars. But religion might still matter. But there is a way we can stop people from fighting over religion on Mars.

Me: What's that?

Puttachi: Send only those people who don't follow any religion.

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