Friday, March 10, 2017

Day 10 - You know spring is here when . . .

9 years ago, I'd done a post, "You know summer is here when . . ."

That was Bangalore summer. This post is about Californian spring.

You know when spring is here when . . . (apart from the usual birdsong and flowers and budding leaves)

- You are walking around without socks after ages, and you look at your toes and say, "Hey, toes! Long time no see!"
- Acquaintances tell you that you've lost weight, and you say, "No, it's just that I'm wearing only one layer of clothes."
- You find yourself drinking water without having to heat it, even early in the morning.
- You find that you're not drinking as many beverages as usual.
- You don't need to close balcony doors and windows after you open them to let fresh air in.
- That crochet project using wool doesn't sound that exciting after all.
- You kick your blankets away in the middle of the night.
- You find yourself planning your walk earlier and earlier in the day, or late in the evening.
- You don't dread taking a shower.
- Cuddling with the kid gets uncomfortable after a few minutes.

What's your sign of spring/summer?

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