Friday, November 14, 2014

Story published in Papercuts

"Homecoming" is another story I wrote long ago, which has been published in the "Metropolis" issue of Papercuts (Desi Writers Lounge.) It is the story of a person who comes back to Bangalore after having lived for years abroad, and finds that nothing seems to be the same.

You can read it here - Homecoming.

"A Killer on a Coconut Tree" in New Asian Writing

I had written a story ages ago, one of the very first I ever wrote, based on a true incident that happened in Mysore. The story has faced several rejections and gone through dozens of revisions, but yet, it remained one of my favourite stories. Somewhere in between, it did get accepted for an anthology, but I didn't like the terms of the publishers, and withdrew this story.  Finally, it has found a home. You can read it here - "A Killer on a Coconut Tree" in New Asian Writing.

Just back from Goa. Had a beautiful time, especially in the sea.


Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Two conversations with Puttachi

I put these up on FB, but they'll just get lost after a while - so recording them here too.

We're expecting someone for dinner and I'm running around trying to do everything at the last moment. As usual. The kid is tailing me, telling me a story. As usual. I'm making an honest attempt to listen to her, but somewhere in the middle, I lose track of the storyline. She notices. As usual.
"Amma!" she says. "You're not listening!"
"Puttachi," I say. "Please continue the story later. My mind is on 100 different things right now."
"If your mind can be on 100 different things, why can't you make it be on 101 different things?" she asks.
I wish, Puttachi, I wish!


Me: Puttachi, time to go to bed!
She: Not sleepy.
Me: When are you ever sleepy?
She: When you wake me up in the morning.

- -