Saturday, January 31, 2015

A post a day again.

It turns out that I couldn't commit to the two posts a week I had decided to do this year. So I'm going to jump in and do a post a day this Feb. I know what you are thinking - that choosing Feb is like cheating. But if you look back, all my other post-a-day challenges have been in months with 31 days. And who knows, this might give me the impetus to follow up on my two-posts-a-week idea for the rest of the year?

Let's hope!

Friday, January 16, 2015

A five-minute break

Puttachi is talking non-stop and I need a break.
Me: Puttachi, Can you be quiet for as long as I drink my tea?
She: Sure!
Me: Thank you. (I sit down with my cuppa.)
30 secs later.
She: Amma, when you asked me to be quiet, you just meant that I shouldn't talk to you, right? I can make noise while playing, can't I?
Me: Yeah, yeah, right.
30 secs later.
She: But if there is an emergency, I can talk to you, right?
Me: Of course, we've already discussed that.
1 min later, she comes to me, and hugs me and kisses me.
I don't say anything, and that encourages her. She starts gesturing to me, whispering, "See, I'm not talking, I'm just making signs."
I sign back by putting my finger on my lips, and she subsides.
1 min later, she peeps into my cup.
She: You have just two more sips to go! I can talk to you after that!
She watches as I down the last of my tea.
She: Yay! You finished! I can talk to you now!
So much for a peaceful cup of tea.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Story in Reading Hour

Just as I was thinking that I haven't been able to honour my commitment of blogging regularly, here comes a saviour - my story, "The Appraisal" is in the latest issue of Reading Hour. It is in print, and is not available online yet. You can preview the magazine here, though.

I'll be back with some chatter, hopefully soon :)

- -