Thursday, April 18, 2013

New phase!

The summer vacations are here again, and so far, ever since Puttachi has been born, it has been the easiest time for me with Puttachi at home.

For one, she increasingly spends time alone, without needing me to sit by her.  She could be reading a book, or play-acting, or just playing with water, but she's lost in her own world for extended periods of time.  She does come to me from time to time with queries and stories, but still, it is not the incessant bombardment of before.   Next, there are many more things we can do together, and since most of those things don't require as much patience and forbearance from me as they did before, it doesn't drain me that much.  Plus, she does most of her own work herself  - dressing, brushing, bathing, washing, eating, getting herself a drink of water - so all the endless, repetitive, mind-numbing work of early childhood is also past us now.  So a major chunk of time has been made available for me.

Besides, the open kitchen I told you about has helped make cooking more enjoyable, and cleaning more tolerable, with Puttachi sitting at the table talking to me, or me telling her stories.  So that also doesn't really seem like a huge load of work.

In fact, she has turned out to be quite the mother hen herself.  If she sees me tired, she brings me a glass of water, or advises me to take a nap, and if that she will be by herself for a while.  If there is coffee decoction available, she falls over herself to make me a cup of coffee (with help of course.)

If I don't feel like taking her to the park, she goes by herself, since at this apartment complex, we have a good garden, and a safe park to play in, where I am comfortable leaving her though I can't see the park from my house.

And so, today, when she is off spending the day in her classmate's house, I was happy to have a few full hours all to myself to get some work and reading and cleaning done.  But now, I am actually missing having her around.  Hmmm.  New-phase-of-life alert!

- -