Saturday, March 11, 2017

Day 11 - Puttachi asks for more (no, she doesn't)

I write this post at the risk of sounding totally weird. But I do it anyway in the hope that somebody out there will benefit from my stupidity and Puttachi's absentmindedness.

Puttachi is the kind who almost never asks for more food. Ever since she was a child, she just eats what I serve her, and makes it a point to finish everything. But very, very rarely does she say that she's still hungry. And very rarely does she ask for more food, or go ahead and take another helping. My explanation is that she is too lost in her own world to bother about such trivial things as nutrition for her growing body.

S and I love our food and so we are at a loss about what to make of this kid who doesn't seem as excited about food as we are. But we console ourselves with the fact that she is not even a little fussy, and eats food even if she doesn't particularly like it because, as she says, "It is good for me."

As a result, S and I just have to hazard a guess as to what quantity of food she will eat and make sure that that quantity is available to her. Thankfully, she does tell us if she is full, and so that way, we know how much she usually eats.

So over weeks and months, we all get used to a certain quantity. But then, all of a sudden, Puttachi starts complaining of headaches, or she says she's tired, or she's suddenly cranky, and we wonder why and worry for a couple of days until, bam! Realization hits us and we increase the quantity of food we put in her lunchbox or serve on her plate - and within a day, she's back to normal. Yes, she'd just outgrown the quantity of food, and was still hungry, and she needed more food. But she didn't know that.

Like I said, I know this is a totally "What are you talking about" post - but then, there you are. All kinds make up this world.

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