Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The sound of a baby's laughter.

As soft as velvet.
As bubbly as a brook.


Brings a smile on any face.
Induces hope in any heart.

The sweetest sound on Earth.


Dhanya said...

Can't agree with u more :)
I'm obsessed with children n ur posts are a nice read. we can experience your joy of motherhood :)

Veena said...

simple and lovely lines.. I hear this baby giggling as one of the most common mobile ringtone now a days!...

Prashanth M said...

and the list goes on...

namma Kuvempu ravaru hElida haage makkaLu vishwamaanavarallave :)

kadalabal said...

lovely lines
they make grim faces also to smile
they take everyone to other world
simply words by you
conveys mothers feelings
no better way to express

little one, ninu dhanye
ninninda navu dhaya
namage sigutide barahagala
shruthi three cheers to you
for all writings about your experiences

great going keep it up


Shruthi said...

Dhanya, glad you are enjoying it! :)

Veena, yeah! But that's probably an older child - it is kind of stronger :))

Prashanth, he was so right!

Kadalabal, yes, thank you! :)

sunshine said...

Vicarious joys of motherhood... I'll someday send you a poem I wrote about a baby....

M said...

Can imagine how much you must be enjoying motherhood:)

Gurl, you are influencing people far and wide, I can see :) including myself:)

Devaki said...

So true Shruthi! This post was divine!

I love babies too, but feel scared of the awesome responsibility of being a mother. Did you feel apprehensive before too?

Shruthi said...

Sunshine, why someday? I tried to find a mailing address on your blog - couldn't find it - and I am hesitant to leave my id here for you to find - could you copy the poem into this comment space? Else, we'll work out some other way - I love the way you write - would love to read your poem.

M, ha ha, good! Don't say it too loud, though - I don't want to be held responsible for population explosion :) - Btw, do I know you, by any chance?

Devaki, oh man, apprehensive? I was terrified! Even a day before the baby was born, I was wondering what I would do with it once it comes out. But I found that it was oh so natural. So don't worry at all! :)

Poppins said...

Beautifully put !

sunshine said...
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Sandesh said...

Yeah! Babies are like that! Unknown of the worlds' problems!

Let everybody get the joy of a Baby!

M said...

Not sure..maybe we can exchange some mails and pics and who knows we could be knowing each other :) U from Blore? I am..

8&20 said...

hey stop writing p emails, write here instead!

Shruthi said...

Poppin's mom, thank you! :)

Sandesh, :)

M, oh, I somehow felt that you know who I am, but I don't know you :D

8&20, your wish is my command!

Usha said...

Agree completely.
They give their all to a laugh and a cry and that is why it goes straight to your heart.
I can almost hear one as I read this! :)

- -