Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Babies test your patience...

.... And that's why Nature made them irresistible!


Yesh said...

bad, i didn't expect this - where is the face of the baby ? :-)

Chitra said...

Err.....maybe am the only one missing this.....but what is the connection between your blog title and the content(photos)????

shark said...

The face please Shruthi....
You have written so many baby posts, it has made me atleast really curious :-)

I promise I will not put boori nazar :)

Altoid said...

Two little feet, ten little toes,
eave their impressions today.
Soon they will wear two little shoes,
And be running and jumping at play.
Two little feet, too little time,
Before they are walking to school,
Kicking a rock, or skipping a rope,
Wading a puddle or jumping a pool.
Two little feet, One little child,
Will soon go their own way,
But footprints in my mind recall,
They stood here yesterday.
-Author unknown

:), Enjoy!

Cuckoo said...

Awwww so beautiful !!

I literally kissed the screen for 1st picture. :)

kadalabal said...

simply superb and poem by altoid Unknown explains it superbly
yes atleast u must have put one photo with Little One face any how so much in store from u hats off for your skills and narration keep going


sunshine said...

Like you said in one of your posts, she definitely has long, beautiful fingers. It is amazing how even the little hands and feet of the Little One who I have never seen made me smile from ear to ear.

Devaki said...

Aww, cute, very cute! I always find a baby's tiny hands and feet most adorable! And they are sooooo soft! Makes me want to tickle them all the time!

Madhu said...

Shruthi..that is soooo cute!!!

chaitra said...

That was just cho.. chweeee...t; But Shruthi, I must say chitra has company.

Shruthi said...

Yesh, perhaps, someday, sometime.... who knows? :D

Chitra, Chaitra, Err... there is something that I have written after the photos -- maybe that will help?

Shark, boori nazar!! Ha ha!! :D

Altoid, that was sooo sweet!! Thank you!

Cuckoo, ha ha! :D

Kadalabal, thank you!

Sunshine, gosh, your memory! :D I am impressed, and flattered too ;)

Devaki, yeah... aren't they? :D That's why I hate it when little feet are covered up in booties.. but what to do, I am forced to do it sometimes too!

Madhu, :D

Sandesh said...

how do they test patience?? Dint get that!

Shyam said...

Such chubby cute little starfish hands :)

Poppins said...

Finally a glimpse of the little one, however little it might be. Those chubby hands and legs look edible!

Shruthi said...

Sandesh, Um... please read the whole post, maybe then you'll understand?

Shyam, Starfish! That's so true! Never thought of it that way :D

Poppin's mom, ;) - but hey, aren't you supposed to be on your way to Switzerland? :O

chitra said...

Ahaaaa !!!

Ashu said...

Chow chweeet :)

- -