Monday, September 17, 2007

Champ Mom

Lindsay Davenport won the Bali Classic Tournament on Sunday.

What's so special about that, do you ask?

She won this just three months after she gave birth to a baby.

Let me face it. She had a baby after I did, and she went out there and won an international tournament yesterday.

I am ashamed. If Lindsay can win a tournament, I should at least be able to climb a flight of stairs without panting.

I need to start my fitness regimen. Now. On second thoughts, not now, considering that it is 11 o clock at night.


Do I see a smug look on S' face?


Veena said...

Thats the spirit Shruthi... yeah, the time just flies and we realise all such things. But definitely you are doing lot better things for the little one than being a champion.. Well, good luck for your plans on the other things.

~nm said...

Wow! For me its truly amazing!

Or is it that we have a habit of undermining our abilities and putting our body fitness as the last priority or that we are lazy bums? Whatever it is but the fact is we are not physically fit...tch..tch...

your lines "On second thoughts, not now, considering that it is 11 o clock at night." was really funny :D

Abhipraya said...

A lot of my friends have vanished from the world (blog or otherwise) for almost a year after the baby. But was pleasantly surprised that you have been active on the blog world even after the baby. So you have a good start. Fitness regime will come eventually. After all we are not a people that's keen on it are we?

Maverick said...

sure u shd. Do u want a pic of Malaika Arora Khan for inspiration :) ?

bru said...

yes, ~nm is right. most of us put our body fitness as the last priority, where as it SHOULD be given the first priority. We dont exercise, find pretexts, put blame on something else and deceive ourselves ! :(

yes, Shruthi, common, get going. Dont look at the clock. Start now. :) ABT

Suresh said...

Kudos to Lindsay and all the Mommys in the world :).

Didn't expect this post on your blog though. You follow tennis?

Anonymous said...

Hi Shruti, This is not related to your post. I recently visited Anu's (walk-a-musing)blog thru yours. I quite enjoyed her writing and was wondering if she has moved her blog to someother address as it is updated only till Sep 06!

Suresh said...

btw...jus fyi..Lindsay had a caesarean section for giving birth. This makes her achievement even more remarkable.

"Impossible is nothing" :)

rajk said...

Hi Shruthi,
I guess motivation and determination are the most important things, for anything...I'm sure u have both...I like the fact that u've been blogging even after ur baby's birth...
BTW, thanks for ur encouragement on my blog!! Every little bit helps..Just wondering how u "stumbled upon" it, though!

Shruthi said...

Veena, thank you.. that's a very nice thing to say :D

~nm, you are so right - that is what it is. Should really get going, huh? :)

Abhipraya, well, this is one of my worlds... I wouldn't let go of it :) and yes... that's a pity - we ought to be more fitness conscious!

Maverick, ahhh the mother of all mothers :D - well, looks-wise, yeah, Malaika is great inspiration, but for the present, Lindsay will do quite well :)

Bru, ok ok :D

Suresh, oh yeah, I am a huge tennis fan - not as much as I was in my teens, but I still follow it keenly - one of the very few sports that I do follow.
A caesarean? wow!

Anon, no, Anu of walkamusing hasn't been blogging for quite a while coz she was busy with a lot of things. I fwded your message to her, she thanks you for your compliment, and says that yes, she intends to get back to blogging soon! :)

Rajk, oh, that was a prank that went wrong :) I got your blog url from you-know-who, I came on to it, deciding to leave a comment as a stranger - but I forgot to logout from my google account, and it came in my name ;) I would have told you later on that it was me, anyway - but well!

M said...

Hey Shruthi..u being so regular on blog is in itself an achievement. As someone said, most people almost disappear after having a baby. You have been doing a good job gurl!

Way to go for the fitness regime!

shark said...

oh ya.. I think the westeners give more importance to looks than us.
I wonder where does all the stomach go within 2 or 3 months? they (atleast most of them) get a flat stomach back !
Here even the yet to be pregnants do not have that luxury ;-)

Shruthi said...

m, thank you :) Makes me feel so good!

Shark, Fitness is one thing, and looks - quite another, don't you think? :) You might be good-looking but unfit - but usually, if you are fit, you automatically look good :D Sooooo - I aim for fitness ;)

Timepass said...

This is the stuff some lucky people are made of, I guess.. It must take tons of grit and determination to achieve what Lindsay has gone..Hope it rubs on to all of us too.

Shyam said...

Started your fitness programme yet, Shruthi? :) Personally I'd have thought that looking after a baby is exercise enough! Or does that happen when the baby is a toddler? :)

Kadalabal said...

I think there is a vast cultural difference here the way the live they way they give importance to health and fitness etc., are not part of our daily routine at least in the paST. AT LEAST NOW people are thinking in these lines and are health concious and slowly changes are taking place.
even I was told here itself in north and south there is lot of difference in this. no doubt davenport is great and needs to be lauded for her courage and grit.
all the best in your efforts and be cautious. cautious approach will take u to success. all the best
I agree with views of abhipraya here in toto


I love Lucy said...

Good luck with the fitness thingy,girl!

And just to reiterate general consensus,blogging with such regularity in itself is commendable! So don't beat yourself up :)

How is the little one doing BTW?

- -