Sunday, September 23, 2007


What do you get when you cross a

with a
Cockatoo? (Courtesy)

My baby's hair.


Prashanth M said...

ROTFL... ha ha too good...

Poppins said...

Ok so we're seeing the hands first and then the feet and now the head. When will we see her cute face?? And has she rolled over already or is that you putting her on her tummy for tummy time?

bru said...

my god, where from do you get such ideas?

Sandesh said...

I dont think you'll ever show yo baby's face!! Hehe! Nice imagination!

Kadalabal said...

super simply marvellour
as usha say where do you.........
too good

Anonymous said...

so cute :) hands, feet, head...Shruti next should be the picture of her eyes.

chitra said...

He he he he....(trying to catch breath) he he he he he!!

Collection Of Stars said...

WoW! Her hair is so nice :)

M said...

I cant wait to see ur baby's face! You are introducing ur baby like in the movies...they show the hero walking in slow motion, his boots, his swinging arms, his back and finally his face :-))) I'm looking fwd to ur baby's entry now :) and yeah, where do u get these ideas from ?? heheheh!

Shruthi said...

Prashanth, heh heh, thanks! :D

Poppin's mom, ha ha.. check your inbox :D Yes, she rolled over a couple of weeks ago. And now she doesn't stop rolling over at all :( -

Bru, even I don't know :)

Sandesh, yeah maybe never, who knows? :D

kadalabal, thank you - btw, the "bru" above is not usha.. it is someone else!

Anon, not a bad idea.. will think about it :)) Your name, please?

Chitra, :D

Collection of stars, yeah, it is! She badly needs a haircut, though... don't you think?


Pradeep said...

Thank you very much Shruthi for pointing out that blog where a reference was made to my comment. It was very thoughtful of you, and I very much appreciate it.

Shyam said...

Man, I envvy her that hair! It's gorgeous. Wish my hair was that thick - and Shruthi, stop being so mean about that l'il sweetiepie!! :)

Devaki said...

Omigod! What a cute lil bundle of hair! :-)

shark said...

face..face...face.. we want face :)

But then again.. take my word.. one day she will grow up and look at all these posts where you have made fun of her.. and then that day only God can save you ;-) :P

bellur said...

lovely imagination, shruthi.

glad i saw her in action last weekend!
but i forgot to squeeze her cheeks...
anyway, there is always a next time.

take care and regards

Shruthi said...

Pradeep, my pleasure! I would have appreciated it if somebody else had done it for me, so naturally I felt I ought to let you know, that's all :)

Shyam, mean? Mean? Me not mean! :O Yeah she has lovely hair, but it is a nightmare for her mom :( Drying it, cutting it... I hardly bother to comb it, though - there is no use :D

Devaki, yeah, it is soft and silky too :))

Shark, face? Let's see about that :D - And oh no, I haven't made fun of her, just her hair ;)

Bellur, NMBBN! :D - You even washed your hands so that you could pinch her cheeks, you forgot and just carried her :D

Anonymous said...

The posts regarding the baby is a delight to read & now these photos
She look very sweet

However its perhaps better that her privacy is maintained

Sorry if that's a bit grumpy

nazar ne lage


I love Lucy said...

Her hair looks lovely,Shruthi :-)

Cannot imagine how naughty she must look now...with a nice mop of hair to compliment her sparkling eyes!

Timepass said...

WOW, such lovely and silky hair..

Anu said...

sakkath imagination..[:)]..the babys got lovely hair considering that she is three months old..:)

Srik said...

Tooo good!
Aagle astu doddavLagbiTLa? Hmmmm I think Im the last one to meet her :'(, i think even PeeVee will beat me.

Veena Shivanna said...

First of all, where do you get all these ideas... ?
Certainly she has a lovely hair and it just contrasts her face giving an extremely doll look..

and you are introducing her like how they do it for hero/heroines in the movies... I think we will be able to see her photo on your blog only when she is grown up.. till then only such mischiefs.

Dhanya said...

She has got lovely hair.. thick n shiny.. :)

Anonymous said...

ROFL! That was a LOVELY post!! Please put your skills to use with some movie/TV directors!
I remember from school that you having lovely hair like that too! i guess its only natural that you passed it on to the little one!

Shruthi said...

J, Nazar lagne ki baat nahin hai... I am just not comfortable.. yet :) Thank you so much! :)

I love Lucy, oh yeah, naughty and extremely inquisitive :D

Timepass, Dhanya, yeah its beautiful :)

Anu, yes.. she already had one haircut.. and its time for another!

Srik, don't let that happen... bega muhurtha madkondu bandbidi :)

Veena, ha ha :)

Vidya, heh heh ... :)) Yes, I supposedly had lots of hair as a baby too!

Madhu said...

Shruthi!! I just saw this post, its funny, cute and highly imaginative!!! Love to the lil one!

Deepa said...

How cute!! Tell A that little S still has a long way to catch up

- -