Wednesday, September 26, 2007


When I was a toddler, I lived with my parents in Erlangen, Germany, for a year. I obviously don't remember much of my stay, but the snaps taken then show me as a little kid with a mop of thick black hair, and cheeks the size and colour of apples. The indoor snaps usually show me eating or drinking something, and the outdoor snaps show me covered from top to toe in warm clothes, with only my cheeks popping out.

Aside 1: The mop of hair remains, but where did those cheeks go, do you ask? I used to wonder too, but now I know. They were in hibernation, and now they have come back and attached themselves to my baby's face.

Aside 2: Georg Simon Ohm - he of the Resistance fame - was born in Erlangen, and that's why he came back twenty years later to haunt me when I studied Electrical Engineering.

Well, though I am technically not supposed to remember anything about my stay in Erlangen, being very little, the point is that I do. I remember:

  • Looking down from the window of our 19th storey apartment.
  • Feeding bread crumbs to swans in the lake near our home.
  • Playing with my Indo-German friend An in her water-filled inflatable tub, and crying when asked to get out because it was time to go home.
  • Wanting to eat the beads on An's rubber band, because they looked like peppermints (Greedy pig right from childhood, yes).
  • Feeling out of place at a children's gathering because all the kids spoke only German.
  • Sitting on my mom's lap and eating something while she showed me pictures in a book.

Most other memories have probably come from snaps, so I won't add them here. These are the memories I am sure I remember without external aid. I remember these perhaps because all of them must have induced extreme (at that time) emotions in me - happiness, greed, loss, loneliness...

Ok, so why on earth did I start talking about Erlangen out of the blue? Well, I was looking at the Sitemeter of my blog and clicked on "Who's on", and found a reader from Erlangen. And that, I can tell you, gave me quite a thrill. I later realized that it was a "" domain, so it could well be possible that my reader wasn't really sitting in Erlangen, s/he could have been elsewhere reading my blog through a server situated in Erlangen. So, anyway, if that reader is you, put your hand up, please, delurk, and let me know. JFK, as we would say in college - Just For Kicks. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Oh! How much I would love to be that Errr..lane..jan. friend!! But, I am not that you see..
- Raaji

Anonymous said...

Well its probably me, but can't be sure, there might be others lurking here that use domain. No I'm not in Erlangen, somewhere further up north actually. Been reading your blog for a while. Bangalore is what interests me and led me to your blog. We'll be R2Ing there within the next two years. Quite like your writing style. Will keep coming.!

AG (Anon in Germany)

Collection Of Stars said...

Hey Shruthi, I checked your Sitemeter and it's cool :)

Poppins said...

Oh that's a nice tidbit about you!

~nm said...

Interesting!! You know you gave me an idea for a post! I also have few memories when I was really really small..about 4 years or so.

M said...

Good post, Shruthi!

For some reason, throughout your post I kept reading Erlangen as Enlargen! No offence...but I believe its normal for humans to read even juggled words correctly. The brain identifies it correctly and reads it correctly too. I attribute my reading the name 'wrongly' to this theory :-)

Kadalabal said...

really cool and hope ur real reader identifies and you get linked
all the best

Shruthi said...

Raaji, Err..lahn - gen.. "g" as in "girl" :D

AG, hey, thank you so much! :)

Collection of stars, oh? thanks!

Poppins Mom, :D

~nm, where is it? write, write! :D

M, ROFL!! Yes, I've heard that too.. but Enlargen :D

Kadalabal, me too!

- -