Sunday, May 18, 2008

Connecting people.

Some time ago, I had written a post about Tina, a volunteer at the Isha yoga center at coimbatore, and how impressed I was with her. Apparently, someone sent her the link to that post, and she left a comment on my blog -

Dear Shruthi,

and all her friends here. someone sent me the link to this page and it took me a while to realize you are talking about me! but thanks. i feel humbled.

im now travelling between singapore, malaysia, lebanon, and africa, and australia and europe sometimes, teaching Inner Engineering programs.

still a full time volunteer, and the joy u saw at that time has grown 100 fold. i can barely contain it!

im writing this so that u all know that this is so close and so possible for each one of you...just needs some attention....the one taught in the Inner Engineering program is different and shorter! you could try it...

with love,

I am so pleased to hear from her - blogging is wonderful, isn't it? :)

My uncle had once written about his childhood hero, Olufemi Akande, in this fabulous writeup about Black being beautiful. Within days, he received a comment from Akande's daughter. My uncle was delighted, but unfortunately, the daughter didn't leave any contact details. [If you have come here looking for Olufemi Akande, and you know him, please leave his contact details here, or mail me at the id on the top right of this page, thank you. :)]

Then there is this amazing, almost unbelievable story of Usha's. She found a thank-you card inside a used book that she bought, and just like that, she tried to deduce things about the sender's life from the words on the note, and she posted it on her blog. Two years later, she heard from that very lady! Do read both the posts - it is strangely thrilling. To think you can reach out to a perfect stranger with just a few words... you feel so connected!

Blogging has many advantages - but this, I am sure is one of the most thrilling!


Sachin said...

Shruthi, I totally agree; blogging is such a wonderful thing, in addition to just being a past time and a record of your thoughts and opinions, it also transcends into a medium that can draw like minded individuals thousands of miles apart just by a simple search.

Instances such as those mentioned by you must be happening often, wish everyone could record such things for everyone's benefits. It feels good to read and also re-emphasizes the power of the I-Net. Cheers!

Abhipraya said...

WOW that is incredible!!! All the more inspiration for me to get back to blogging regularly :) BTW inspired by your previous post on Mysore zoo, I went there this last weekend and had a blast :)

Sanjay M said...

well there's certainly something special about your writing shruthi to attract good people wherever you are. I like not only your posts here but usually enjoy the comments by the readers of your blog as well - and often have followed up their link to read more from their pages.

Btw recently I was having ragi mudde and I actually chewed it after reading one of your recent posts (which was as if I'd written it, because I used to swallow with some difficulty as well, thinking it would get stuck to my teeth :) )

Thanks for the nostalgic post about our memorable time with TNS! :)

Sanjay M said...

oops that comment was for the other post, I reposted it there, pls delete it from here if u want to un-clutter :)

Anonymous said...

like you, I too attended Isha yoga program in 2003 and then for more than 3 years did not do any practices at all. But as Tina said in her reply, it is so much within reach for all of us, just as it is now again a part of my life. I would urge you to give this dimension space in your life. You speak about a child in your life, and this is the best time in your life when you can access a deeper joy and grace so that you may create the right kind of atmosphere for your child to grow up in.


- -