Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Puttachi!

My sweet Puttachi,

Happy Birthday to you!

I did not believe in miracles, Puttachi, but you made me realize that there are miracles occuring all around us all the time. The development of a child from a single cell, the birth of a baby, and the growth of the baby from a fragile infant into a mobile, communicating, cognitive individual is nothing short of a miracle. The whole process can be beautifully explained by science, I know. But the feel of the whole thing is that of a miracle. And only when you experience it first hand do you realize what it is like.

It seems like just last week that you made your appearance, a little baby with a red crunched up face, and a huge yawn. It seems like yesterday that I exulted at your rolling over, marvelled at how you crawled, and watched with bated breath as you took your first steps. This year has flown by, the fastest ever. And this has been one of the best years of my life. Easily.

I had been forewarned about how not to expect my baby to be born a perfect cherub, and that a new born baby is rather ugly. But I never felt that way. Your little red face, and tiny fingers and toes were beautiful to my eyes. I thought you were a total angel. Now, when I look back on the snaps of those first few days, I marvel at how much like an alien you were, but back then, I just thought you were beautiful. And I think you just grow more wonderful each day.

I watch you play, Puttachi, your hands busy, your eyes narrowed in concentration. And then your eyes light up suddenly and look at me with a smile to share your discovery. And then you spot something you know is forbidden, and give me that sideways glance, dimple flashing, teeth showing, and your eyes full of mischief, and I swoop down and take you away, flying you through the air, doing a "Supergirl".

I watch you walk, Puttachi, confidently stepping over obstacles and crossing thresholds, carrying heavy objects in your hand, striding from room to room as if you have very important business, climbing sofas, getting down stairs - you are already on your own now!

I watch you eat, Puttachi, increasingly independent. Each morsel in the mouth returns an expression of approval (shake of head from side to side, and wobble of the body to match the shake of the head), or disapproval (a disgusted face followed by spitting out of food). I watch you try and drink your glass of water yourself, shivering with surprise when the water unexpectedly trickles down your neck into your dress. I exult when the food disappears from the bowl and fret when you seem to want nothing at all.

I watch you sleep, Puttachi, your long eyelashes kissing your round cheeks. Your lips in a slight pout, your head falling to the side like a limp rag doll. Your slow breathing. The perfect innocence and peace on your face which belies the mischief and restlessness of your wakeful periods. I kiss your forehead, touch your soft cheeks, and sigh with relief, anticipating the peace I will have for a while.

I watch you with people, Puttachi, smiling at everybody, waving to them, wanting to be everybody's friend. Bawling when they try to touch you before you are ready. Extending a hand of friendship to them (literally) when they have been patient enough to wait for you to go to them on your own.

I watch you with the people you love, Puttachi, climbing onto them, hugging them, telling them something in your baby language, placing your head on their chest/shoulder, and looking up at them with trusting eyes, and smiling delightedly.

I watch you, Puttachi, a bundle of energy, and as we roll around the floor and play, I wonder at the fact that a year ago, you and I were nearly stangers, you just a bundle swathed in white, not knowing me, needing me only to satisfy your hunger. And a year and a day ago, I hadn't even seen you. It sounds too far-fetched to believe.

You have changed our lives in more ways than I thought possible. I have learnt that you will never really know what life will be like post-baby, unless you have a baby. And then, as I like to joke, it is too late to do anything about it.

Puttachi, I have loved you ever since I knew about your existence - ever since you were just a few cells in size. The love I feel for you has only increased with time. Every time I think that I will burst with all the love, my heart expands just that little more to accommodate still more love.

I am rambling on, Puttachi, but words seem so bland. It is nearly impossible to tell you how I feel about you. All that I'll say is, my baby, you are the sweetest.

May this be the first of many, many more beautiful birthdays.

Love you.


Wunderyearz said...

Happy Birthday dearest Puttachi...

I'm privileged to be the first one to wish you :D
May this year bring tons of happiness to you and people around you.

Anonymous said...

Same Old Anon: Many Many Happy Returns of the day to puttachi !!!

Swati said...

Happy Birthday Puttachi :)

Mana said...

Happy Birthday, Puttachi :)

Lovely post. Puttachi would be glad to read this post after a few years.

Sumana said...

Wish you manny many happy returns of the day puttachi. Congratulations to your appa amma too on an important milestone you have achieved.

Slogan Murugan said...

Happy Birthday! :)

RK said...

happy b-day, hitachi-putachi!

Anonymous said...

A very very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to lil Puttachi !!! May you continue to bring miracles and belief into the lives of everyone u come in contact with...

Lovely rambling, Shruthi... Most mothers would relate perfectly with all that u have said . . .

Have a wonderful day !!


Anonymous said...

Dear Puttachi...



B I R T H D A Y !!

neha vish said...

Happy Birthday Puttachi! :)

Collection Of Stars said...

Happy birthday to little Puttachi :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shruthi,

I don't know why but I had tears in my eyes when I read this post.

You have so wonderfully described a Mother's love for her child.

- Anitha.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to puttachchi. Felicitations to the parents.

jayashree aththe

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Puttachi. May God bless you with happiness and health for many years to come.

Good post as usual. :)


Altoid said...

Many happy returns to Puttachi. Lots of hugs and best wishes


Anonymous said...

This was beautifully written.

Happy Birthday to Puttachi!

Anonymous said...

So beautifully described !!! Loved this post to death :)

Many hugs, kisses and blessings to Puttachi on her very first bday :)

PeeVee said...

I almost thought you were going to say this is the first of many babies :D :D

Anonymous said...

today would be like any other day for the little one, yes of course a few more hugs and kisses. But definitely not for the one year old amma and, one more hug and a kiss for little puttachi and loads of warm wishes for the two of you

praneshachar said...

great thoughts penned down to perfection
puttachi you are so fortunate have such wonderful amma and appa too
congrats S&S and dear princess lots and lots of love to your on your first birth day

Anonymous said...

Echoing your amma's wishes dear Puttachi...

A very very Happy Birthday to you!

Lots of love, Devaki mavshi.

Anonymous said...

Only one word.Awesome!!

Happy Birthday Puttachi !! and congrats to you Shruthi for completing an year and nine months of motherhood !!

Anonymous said...

Dear Shruthi,

I have been a reader of your post for quite some time now, but its the first time am actually commenting. Call me lazy!lol.

While I am a fan of your writing in general, I greatly appreciate your posts on Puttachchi. Having given birth to a son myself last September, it was a great insight into babydom and for the last 8 months, I relate closely to some of your experiences raising up Puttachi and do not corroborate with some others. It is as if I've known Puttachi and you all along, though we have never communicated.

And today, when Puttachi is 1 year old, I share the same excitement and happiness that probably your close family circle feels. May God bless her with every best thing on this Earth.. May be some day, me & my little son will get to meet her after all! Till then, Have a great time Puttachchi!!


Veena Shivanna said...

hmm.. Great feelings, I know what you mean! Guess you(she) had a great time.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Its been a year already! It feels like your kid was just 3 months old

Happy birthday to her!!

Gauri said...

These wishes come late - but from the bottom of my heart here's wishing Puttachi a very very happy birthday and many many more to come :)

Suresh Sathyanarayana said...

Brilliant as usual.... and Happy Birthday Puttachi... i can feel my eyes swelling up with tear drops of joy... ofcourse i cant let it flow down though.... may u and puttachi have the same bonding for long long years

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, little Puttachi :-)

God Bless


Anonymous said...

Hi.. Lovely post.. My son is now 5 months. I also call him puttachi.. Infact i stole this word from a girl who kept rhyming puttachi Krishna song every 15 mins. She travelled along with us in a train.. (from bang to Chennai) . I was 5 months carrying that time. I relate every word of yours with my son. Thanks alot and i really experience your each and every word. Great blog.. Keep it up..

- -