Monday, May 12, 2008

Election snippets

Incident 1 -

Aunt: Vimala, did you vote?
Maid: Ayyooo no Amma.
Aunt: Why?
Maid: Nobody gave us any money, nobody gave us sarees, why should I vote for anybody? I won't vote.

Incident 2 - (Occured about 15 years ago)
Mom: Lakshmamma, did you vote?
Maid: Amma, the "hand people" came and gave us fifty rupees, then the "lotus people" gave us fifty rupees......
Mom: Aha, so what did you do?
Maid: Niyattirbeku Amma (One should have integrity, Amma)..... So I voted for both of them.

[Both incidents true, names changed, and offered without comment.]


Sushanth said...

Your blog ALWAYS puts a smile on my face.. Wish you and family great health and happiness.. Eagerly awaiting your update on Puttachi :).. Thanks and keep blogging :)

~nm said...

too good! Just so hilarious!!

Bombay Addict said...

LOL! Real life can be so much more funnier. Well, more power to the world's largest, er, democracy!

More, Shruthi more!

Supremus said...

LOL. Sigh, where is our society headed - sometimes make me wonder.

Maverick said...

ha ha .. ridiculous, mockery, truth whatever it is, it is funny and strangely sad.

shark said...

Maid: Akka, I will come a little late tomorrow.
Me: Why?
Maid: I have to go for voting. It will become crowded later
Me: Ok

(Next Day)
Maid: Akka, you haven't gone for voting yet?
Me: No (still a little lazy on a Saturday morning). Will go a little later.
Maid: Akka, go fast.. else somebody else will vote in your name. Why do you want to loose on your vote? If we all don't vote properly how will a right person get elected and do good work for us?
Me: Speechless!

P.S: I was seriously wonder struck by her "maturity"!.

Poppins said...

How true!

So, obviously you voted huh? I did too :)

Wunderyearz said...

Ha Ha Ha ............ too good.

Swati said...

Aaah..what will happen to this country

Wellingtonbala said...

If incident 1 is a recent one, that seems like an improvement - not giving money for voting!

Funny post!

Manasa said...

lol.. Good one :)

Pradeep said...

This is the unfortunate face of Indian democracy. Sadly educated middle class and the affluent do not come and vote to smash this mockery.

It's common knowledge that the number of educated thinking middle and upper class voters far outnumber the poor in cities like Bangalore. Since this majority do not vote, the undesirable minority voice carries the day.

The poor voting percentage in Bangalore, inspite of an unprecedented campaigning by NGOs, voluntary organisation, corporates and media -- was truly surprising. Never ever before has there been such a coordinated targeted mobilisation educating the voters on why they should vote.

I wrote a a piece in The Times of India on Monday (page 6) on Why I voted even though I detest the current crop of polticians. The unabridged first draft is on my blog. May be you could have look at it...

bru said...

My maid complained that before the elections, a party had given its worker Rs.5,00,000 to distribute to the people of her locality, but he used it to construct a house for himself!!!!!!!!!

So she decided not to cast her vote !

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

I liked incident #2 the most --- "free" and "fair" elections!!

Shrinidhi Hande said...

How did electronic voting machine allow the second lady to vote for two symbols?

This could have been possible before EVMs were introduced, not now.

- -