Monday, May 26, 2008

Some numbers.

[Thank you all for your comments, mails, phone calls and messages wishing Puttachi on her birthday. I am overwhelmed! Thanks to all you lurkers who took the time to delurk and wish her :) ]

No, I am not really that jobless, but I just got thinking about numbers, and... well... here are a few numbers to mull about.

In this year,

2500 is the number of times I have nursed Puttachi.
4000 is the number of nappy changes.
340 baths
250 oil massages
170 hair washes
1200 clothes changes
1500 powdering her body
2000 clean ups
80 nail cuts
5 hair cuts
1000 meals have I prepared and fed her
2000 times have I rocked/sung/patted her and put her to bed
1000 times have I sung to her
500 times I have read to her/shown her pictures in books
5000 times I have played with her..
300 washes in the washing machine and an equal number of hanging up clothes to dry.
A 1000 times have I brushed away her tears.

If I look at these numbers, it looks like all that we did this past one year was attend to her needs and do some kind of baby related work. But if I think back on this year, I remember only things like her yawning, her playing, her rolling over, her first smile - you know, things like that. Pleasant things. What about those nights I spent walking her when she was crying uncontrollably? What about cleaning up the mess after her a thousand times? What about those? Why don't I remember those?

I guess it is because.... well, look at these numbers --

A million times have I kissed her.
A gadzillion times have I hugged her.
A tringmingzimzamxillion times have I just looked at her and smiled and felt happy.

So, I guess when they are all added up, the happy moments simply outnumber the "work" and "difficult" moments, and so all we remember are the good times.

No wonder the population of the world is so high.


Manasa said...

Lovely post. Last few lines make us smile :)

snippetsnscribbles said...

Whoa! Those are some numbers!!

But you summarised it beautifully in the end :) Its all worth the effort :)

Wunderyearz said...

Beautifully written as always.

Swati said...

Lovely Lovely post !!!!!

You are tagged.

Anonymous said...'s whats consumed by humans(rather Americans:-) during a lifetime

Kadalabal said...

I am amazed about your creativity wonderful nothing can stop your writing capabilities no work can give u the satisfaction you got during the 365 days after her birth and anothe 270 + days when you enjoyed her kicks movements etc. etc.,
great sinmply great
hip hip hurray for Puttachi's great amma


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Sandesh said...

Just one thing.

You said that she had 340 baths. But she completed 1 year (366 days, this is a leap year =) ), you mean to say she didn't have her bath some days? the initial days???

Srik said...

Thats such an emotional account! Bravo Shruthi :-)

Manpreet said...

The numbers are great, and to think they go on from generation to generation...
A beautiful post.

- -