Sunday, August 19, 2007

What do we have here?

A couple of days ago, I was slightly preoccupied while changing the Little One. She became restless, and to distract her, I opened my mouth, and out came the song, "Jhalak Dikhlaja"... yes the very same one by Himesh. I have no idea why I had to sing a song by Himesh, considering how much I like him - perhaps I had heard it somewhere and it was playing in my head - whatever the reason is, the fact remains that I did sing it.

And what did the Little One do? She became super-excited! And she laughed out loud and long. Oh yes. She has been doing the loud laugh for about a week now, but it had been something like "Aha ha". But this one was like "Aha Aha ha haaaaaaa Ahaaaa"!

I froze, nappy in mid-air. My parents who were in the next room, lost no time in running to this room.

Dad: Oho, look what we have here, a Himesh fan! And right after you wrote about her refined tastes!

Me: NOooo... Nooooo!

Mom: Did you hear that? She laughed out loud! LOUD! Shruthi, sing again, sing again!

Me: Nooooo wayyy!!!

Mom: So cute! Sing again, please, please!

Me: Nooooooo....

Mom: Please, come on! Just once!

Me: *reluctantly* Jhalak Dikhlaaajaaaaa..... Jhalak Dikhlaajaaaaa....

Little One: *beats limbs excitedly, eyes very very round and shiny, mouth wide open*

Me: Ek baar Aaja Aaja Aaja Aaja Aaaaaaaaaaja!

Little One: Aha ha ha ha ha Ahaaaaaaaaa haaa haaaa!!

Dad: Ha ha ha!

Mom: How cute! Did you hear that, she laughed out loud!

Me: *sniff* yeah....

Dad: She is a Himesh fan, you should tell your readers that. Maybe its time to try and obtain another autograph?

Me: Oh no, she is no Himesh fan, that was derisive laughter. Yes, that's what it was, derision! My baby still has refined tastes!

Or so I like to think. Himesh? Nooooooonnn! *Splutter.. splutter.. cough*


Altoid said...

Not fair Shruthi....this stuffing-prejudices-down-the-baby's-throat is SO unfair :D. She needs to listen to all varieties and make an informed decision ;).

Freedom of choice! Sheesh!

On the contrary, perhaps you can try chanting "Beedi" raucously...she might take to thumkas and dancing at an early age!

Shruthi said...

Altoid, that was quick! :D Heh heh you are so right, see, that's why I sing even Himesh to her, intentionally or not :D
Seriously, you raise a very valid point - not to force beliefs and interests on your children. :)

~nm said...

Hahaha..too cute!!

Its another story I also hate Himesh's renderings!

And as altoid siad, its freedom of choice! Demoractic country this is!

chitra said...

Might be , he is nasal and he does not sing properly. But the fact is he is every child's favourite, prbbly because his music is easy to catch.

i have a major fan of H.r. in my house and he knows crooning his songs irritates me!!

Bit Hawk said...

Nice one!

Kadalabal said...

super narration and really good
so little one already showing her own interests!!!!! whether we like it or not she has her choices
simply superb thanks for sharing all this here we are thrilled


Chaitra said...

Well, I suppose your singing makes Himesh's songs sound melodious to her:)

Shyam said...

All I can say is, you more than likely sound better than Himesh, Shruthi :D

Swati said...

hehhehe..thats so funny.. :)
We like him or not ..most kids do :)

8&20 said...

aww, how adorable.

try "mehboooba..." next time :)

Rk said...

Well,actually, for the record, I had guessed this long back, remember a comment on your conversations post ? I was just waiting for this (confirmation) post :D
Go little one go, start surprising/shocking your mom right away and make her prepared :)

I love Lucy said...

:-)) I am still trying to imagine that look of horror on your face!

But I guess HR tends to grow on mold.

Initially I hated his music.Then I convinced myself that I like his music but not his annoying voice.Then came a stage when I liked his voice too and concluded that the only reason for not being able to relate to his music was because the female singers who sing with him have terrible voices!

drifter-musings said...

Shruthi...methinks that you're a closet fan of only need to dig a little deeper into your consciousness for it!

The lil one on the other hand, is a lot more discerning (and self-assured), which makes her less uncomfortable to display her preferences!!!!

Poppins said...

Uh oh. Tell us the truth, dod you listen to HR when the little one was in the tummy?

Lakshmi said...

Hahahaa skkath agide madam.......nimma magala haadu in HR style...hahahaa

Prashanth M said...

ROTFL... super...

eega 'Aha ha ha ha ha' anta andre, innond vaara bittu 'oooo ooo' raaga shuru vaagutte :P

i-am-the-legend said...

the way u have expressed the incident was very nice. i would advice u to write some small conversation type stories!! :-)

Shruthi said...

~nm, yup :D

Chitra, yeah, lots of people have told me that!

Bit hawk, :)

Kadalabal, thanks :)

Chaitra, aaah! :D

Shyam, well, I certainly hope so ;)

Swati, hmmm!

8&20, LOL! I will ;)

RK, heh heh.... I did remember you while writing this post ;) All your fault, really. For that matter, perhaps that is the reason I sang Jhalak Dikhlaja! ;)

I love Lucy, I don't think I'll see the day that I can even tolerate his voice ;) His music? Oooook ;)

Drifter-musings, shhh! shhhh!!!!!

Poppins, I did make sure that I didn't listen to him ;)

Lakshmi, :D

Prashanth M, ayyooo ... will tell you if that happens!

I am the legend, thanks, will do!

maverick said...

men ur baby have way too many similarities. I love himesh too :)

Srik said...

I think this is the result of "N"'s influence on the baby.

Go...N chikkappa go. as I told you already, if u require any help, dont forget to ping me ;)

Shruthi, be prepared!

- -