Monday, August 06, 2007


Two sets of grandparents, one set of great-grandparents, two great-grandmothers, a horde of great and grand aunts and uncles, and an army of aunts and uncles. This is what the Little One has, and many of them have already come to see her and doted on her.

But ironically, her only immediate aunt and only immediate uncle have been missing. My little sis PeeVee is far away studying in the US, and doesn't have the time nor the money to fly back right now. S' "little" bro N was in the UK all this while on an assignment. So both of them weren't around when their niece was born.

PeeVee watches the Little One on the webcam and wails, "I can't touch her, I can't hold her, she doesn't even know her aunt is watching her, why should I undergo this torture? Turn the damn webcam off!" But she derived some kind of perverse satisfaction in the knowledge that N hadn't seen her either.

Now, N is back (and brought two large packs of Scottish Shortbread fingers for me, bless him), and he saw his little niece and outlined to me all the plans he has for the future to ensure that she turns into a brat and makes life miserable for S and me. Anyway, I felt strangely comforted that the Little One at last met her Chikkappa(Father's younger brother).

I was wondering how best to break the news to PeeVee that even N has seen the Little One, and she will be one of the last to see her.. But good news. PeeVee is on a high now, just having booked tickets back home for December.

Really, how life changes. PeeVee and I shared everything as kids. From cutting into perfect halves a tiny toffee, right up to dark secrets, we shared everything for a very very long time. Until I moved out for higher studies, six years ago. After that I moved out for a job, and then I got married and moved out. Still, I was close enough to home to show up every now and then. But now, she has moved out and is very far away.

And now, when she is living a few of the most productive and best years of her life, and I am having one of the most fascinating years of my life, we are not together to share our experiences with each other. Phone calls and emails just cannot do justice.

But really, all that matters is that I know she is always there, and that when she flies down in four months (Yippee!), not much would have changed.

Too senti. PeeVee, don't choke. ;)


Srik said...

Hmmmm Thats life. Technology helps, but not to the extent of satisfying a human manassu :)

But it has to go on and will go on!!

If N requires any help on his future plans for the little one, her Srik mama will be glad to offer it ;)

Kadalabal said...

lot of love and affection loaded post. I liked the way you have narrated it. simply marvellous.
sentimental agbidtare nim Peevee
anyhow good that she can count days as she has booked the ticket for christman/new year
Avani chikkina kanlikke or chikki avaniyannu nodlikke countdown start madli

Altoid said...

Nice! This aunt is also visiting in December :D. She can have a plethora of aunts visiting her and maybe pick her favoritest?

drifter-musings said...

Memories came rushing back when I read your post. Me and my sister(I am the younger brat), were never very thick, as we were 6 years apart. However, I was completely broken when she got married. Now her kids are growing up fast, and I miss sharing those great moments with her.

But come December, and I'll get to meet those little devils yet again! Those are the times I really cherish

Poppins said...

This touched a chord, and you probably can guess why. I also think that webcams and phone calls a relationship do not make !

You need to be there physically, and that is especially true for children. They live in the here and the now (blessed little creatures that they are) and need to see things to believe they exist. I am so glad that your sister is coming in December.

Money is not more important than being with family, if only some people could understand that. Good job Peevee, you are doing your duty as an aunt ! :)

Usha said...

I know sisters are special - I have one and we have always been best friends. We fight all the time - yes, even now but I know that if there is one person who will stand by me whatever happens it will be she and she knows it too.
December isn't too faraway and I bet you have a lot of plans when she is here.majaa maadi

Anonymous said...

Hi Shruthi,
There are so many times when I have felt like leaving everything here and running back home! I totally understand PeeVee's sentiments!
But the only saving grace is that these days, with the internet and better phones, we are far better than people who came here 20 years ago!

Shruthi said...

Srik, hmm true! And no, no, I will not let you anywhere near N... he is dangerous enough all by himself ;)

Pranesh, thank you! :)

Altoid, that's cool! Another aunt! :D

Drifter-musings, ahhh how lovely.. December seems to hold so much joy for so many people! :)

Poppins, oh yes, I understand. In fact, this post was in my head when I read your post... and I was just thinking what a contrast this is going to be, to yours.

Usha, how true.. well said! :)

Vidya, exactly! We get to talk almost every day now. Poor you, btw :O

Veena Shivanna said...

Very touchy post. So when are you taking a picture with the Gen yest, Gen Now and Gen Next in order ? Great grand parents must be too glad to see the little one.
I agree with Vidya,we are better off in a way now because of the technology.
She looks cute. Look forward to see such lovely posts.


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Hmmf.. and I went and commented on PeeVee's blog again. Sort of reminded me of Peeves from Harry Potter! :P

And I share the same high --- I too have booked tickets for home for December!!! *clap-clap*

PeeVee said...

Awwwww..... *choke choke*.. :)

backpakker said...

There is a lot of warmth and affection with families around .I have realized of late that its nice to have a sense of family bonding..often been alone and running away from relatives and social gatherings ,today things have changed

Chaitra said...

Wow... wish I had a sister!

shark said...

I am sailing in the same boat.. missing my sis :-(

But she will be here sooner.. though on a short visit... this month end :D

s,n said...

Nice Post, I am in a better position, I have booked my tickets for September, back to my HOME!


chethan said...

came from this post
Hope you dont hand an english book to the little one.

8&20 said...

awww, how sweet. now that my niece and nephew have moved away (after having been in the vicinity for 4.5 years of my nephew's life and 1.5 of my niece's) i understand too.

think of it this way - given that pv could make only a short trip, and come only very infrequently - it makes a lot more sense that she come when the little one is 6 months old. speaking from experience at least ;) it was the age when my little niece and nephew became a ton of fun. they stopped crying, started playing, registering, laughing, trying to talk... i recall those times most fondly :).

i think her trip could not be better timed, yeah? :)

- -