Friday, August 03, 2007

Passing thoughts...

* It is unbelievable how quickly the Little One falls asleep in the car. So, I want a Car-Simulator-Chair. I should just sit on it with her in my arms, and the chair should simulate the movement and the sound of a car (preferably on Indian roads, with the sway that comes with pot-holes). And I can just sit and watch as she falls asleep effortlessly.
That's a good business idea. Maybe I should try it myself.

* Why.... does she wake up the moment I start to eat? Be it any time of the day, the moment I sit down for a bite, she wakes up. With unerring precision. It should be researched into. Maybe there is some kind of internal correction, like Harry and Voldemort. Mom says that all kids do the same. Did you face it too?

The help who heard us discussing this said that they believe that it is God's way of testing the mother. What will she do? Will she attend to her own stomach, or to her child? Heh :D As if moms need to be tested! ;)

"Keep watching", says my mom, "Let her grow a little older, and each time you pick up a hot cup of tea, she will come to you just then and say that she is going to have a bowel movement... right there, right then".



Madhat said...

my nephew has grown so used to his jhoola that he does not sleep without it. In cases where there were no rocking basket, we would have to put him in a bedsheet and manually swing him to sleep!
But put him in the car and he sleeps almost immediately... Don't know what it is about cars.

I love Lucy said...

I just love to hear these mom-daughter episodes..I keep pestering Madhu for stories about Ananya all the time!!

What have you named your little one Shruti?Would love to see her pictures sometime :)
Absolutely love your blog..linking it to mine...

Madhu said...

Yep the eating thing happens to me a lot of times and I've heard the theory about when moms eat..a lot of times too. Now I make sure she gets her meal before mine and she sits at the table playing while we eat. And I keep showing her my food and telling her every now and then that it is 'Amma's mammm mammm', in hope that she'll understand some day!

Raj said...

Hey, I never knew that moms were allowed to eat or drink tea.

Chaitra said...

Heard this from almost all mothers… I wonder if it is God's test or the kid's test! Yup, my kid did the same!

Kadalabal said...

Great idea great concept some entrepruner can cash on it. May be in car the kid feels it is like in cradle -totilalali haki toogida hage agthirbeke.

avani nimmannu innu yeshtu parikshe madta irtale nodta iri tarle shuru madidlandre nimage oota nidde yella marthu hogutte.

thanks making us enjoy all your experiences here


Harish Suryanarayana said...

I think that it is easier for them to fall asleep in the car as there is not much space to move about and explore. They get bored and so doze off. Or perhaps its the breeze.I wonder if a Chair-Car simulator would work. If it does, I am placing an order now, for myself. :P

Prasoon Rana said...

ha ha ha... I liked the business Idea and we can do lot of improvement like Breeze and all....
anyways enjoy the motherhood.. It's the best experience I guess...

chitra said...

Yup! i had felt it that we are upto starting to eat, it is time for them to go to the toilet!! So, i decided to never sit and eat, and at the same time to keep myself healthy, it was always eating hile cooking. some times a cup of veg. , some curd in the bowl. never sat and ate till my son settled!!

That habit still persists in my son!! i am so sceptical about the toilets outside, but it is the opposite with him. He hhas to go o the toilet, be it restaurant, train and even the air plane.

As a kid, we had taken him to a restaurant and yes this kid had to use the toilet and that too urgently. unfortunately, there was no water. My husband used Limca instead of water to wash him off and till todate his cousins tease him about it!!

~nm said...

Ohh yes! Whenever you sit down to eat and abuot to put the first morsel in your mouth, they will pee/poop. The moment you have lied down thinking all's done after a tiring day, they will pee/poop.

And it it helps you further, this will not end even when they are 3 year olds when it comes to going for potty just when you sit sown for your meal.


Chitra said...

Hi Shruti..........its just gr8 reading ur blogs....
I truly agree with u on the funda of kids sleeping in the car.My daughter troubled me the whole of last week by going to sleep only in the car at midnight.So i had to invent a way to put het to sleep so guess what i had to do?????????
I made her sit in my lap making her imagine we are in the car nd rocked her as though we were travelling on a bumpy road.............believe me she slept peacefully from that day without any fuss :-)

Shruthi said...

Madhat, heh heh, him too? :) The Little One's just discovered swinging in a blanket... am trying not to make it a habit!

Smitha, thank you :) And check your mail ;)

Madhu, how cute!! :D Mamm mamm.. can't wait for the time when i can hold this kid in my lap and sit at the table!

Chaitra, heh heh, yeah, kid's test!

Raj, errr.. eat tea? ;)

Pranesh, thanks :)

Harish, ha ha! No, its not the breeze... this kid is too young to expose her to breezes (esp Blore ones, and esp in this weather ;)) - its got something to do with the sway, I am sure.

Prasoon, yeah its fun :) Thanks!

Chitra, ROFL at Limca!!! :D Wasn't his err.. underside sticky later on? :D But really, wonderful idea.. should remember it :D

~nm, gulp! :O

Chitra, ha ha!! I tried that too but she wouldn't sit still :(

SloganMurugan said...

reminds me of an Indica ad, where a man goes on a drive. late at night to console his crying infant.

- -