Monday, August 27, 2007

This is a sponsored post.

Ok, my little sis PeeVee has updated her blog, and has promised to update it regularly. So please go and read.

Ok, PeeVee, done, advertised.

These little brats, they take advantage of their big sisters! I started my blog with four readers - my husband, sister and parents. And this kid wants instant readership, so she wants me to advertise her blog on my blog. *Snigger*

Ok, I'll come clean. She has bribed me for this. She has promised to send me the autographed photograph. Ha. Let's wait and watch.


sangsta said...

AWESOME story, Shruthi!! And as much as I did laugh, it reminded me of me vaguely. I've been MIA for a while, but I'm back and LOVING the new look your blog's taken, with the "new mom" stories and all :)

Rohit said...

"This is a sponsored post." a very appropriate title, LOL

8&20 said...

:P not all little sisters are brats like this one, right pv?

Rk said...

If I am not irritating you, can I ask a question ? Would you link to me if I say, I can get HR's autograph :D
Sorry if you were irritated.

- -