Friday, July 20, 2007

Eight Random Facts..

... about me. And who would care to know these facts? Bit Hawk does, apparently!

Here they are:

  • I started wearing specs at age seven. I use contact lenses now.
  • I was into athletics as a kid.
  • Kids used to irritate me till I was well into my teens. I changed overnight, I don't know how.
  • I am a right hander but I wear my watch on the right hand.
  • I love wearing sarees.
  • I can spend hours looking at photo albums.
  • I never cared much about how I looked, as long as I was neat and presentable. I particularly never made any major effort to make myself look good, until S' cousin's mother-in-law told me to change. It was the way she said it that did it.
  • I was a spoilsport as a kid. When it was my turn to be the seeker (In Hide and Seek, not Quidditch), I would wait until everybody hid, and then go home. My friends would wait and wait and then come out from their hiding places, then come looking for me to my place, to find me lost in a book.

And I tag... let me see.... the first eight people who comment on this post, who WANT to do the tag. ;)


Anonymous said...

LOL about the last one !!
Ps: I Don't think I "want" to do the tag. If I suddenly get 8 points, I'll see.

Bit Hawk said...

The last one was simply a great idea. I wish I knew that technique when I was a kid!

chitra said...

Good summary and put it in a hilarious ashion. if i could quickly summarize myself in eight facts, will do so.

not sure.

Veena Shivanna said...

The last one too gud!
ur changing overnight sounds pretty interesting 2!!

Nikhil said...

For a long time I thought 4 was a very unique property that applied only to me and my dad - until I met enough other such people to dispel that notion :).

Anonymous said...


Succinct! Last one , i remember vividly.. .. hated you then (wink) but loved it on your list of facts.

Just the thought it might interest you , here i go .. eight facts about me

1. I was unbearably competitive as a kid, my 25th birthday changed that for me.. for good!

2. I can't talk without shaking my head and moving my hands in air. I'd go mute, if someone held me stiff.

3. I like idli with sakkare (sugar) and thuppa (ghee).

4. I like cotton kurtas so much that I wear them on anything and everything.

5. Am sure to shock you with this one, I've recently joined the " I gotta loose weight" brigade.

6. I very easily say "No" to people. Infact its by default "no", sometimes "will try" and very rarely "yes".

7. I love the company of old people and kids below 10.

8. I come across as a very assertive and sometimes intimidating sort of person.

--Chitra (bhel)

maverick said...

i got this tag anyway, so am not afraid to comment. well im a right hander n i wear my watch to d right hand too.

drifter-musings said...
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drifter-musings said...

Great idea to solicit all those comments....Free


Lakshmi said...

LOL about the last one.

Sachin said...

Hey Shruthi, nice list there!! I'll take up this tag...maybe it will shake me up and drive away this lethargy I'm going through at present!

Btw, that was a mean trick to play - go home while the poor kids were hiding from you....LOL....seems extremely funny though!!!

Sakshi said...

Very innovative I must say. LOL!

- -