Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

Ano the Thoughtraker, Pooh of Pooh's Den, and Poppins of Babies Anonymous have bestowed upon me the Thinking Blogger Award, and said such sweet words about me too... *wipes tear from eye*... Thanks a ton :). I really am glad that I make you think - unintentionally though ;)

Now I have to take the tag forward and name five bloggers who make me think. But every blog that I read makes me think. A serious thought or a funny thought, something in every blog leads to different thoughts, and a totally unconnected topic can set off a chain reaction leading to an entirely new world - that is how my frenzied brain works.

So if I have to name just five bloggers, it would be terribly unfair to all the other blogs that I read. Besides, some don't update too often, some have already been tagged many times over, and some have already tagged me ;)

So, I slip out of the back door.


Poppins said...

Not fair !!!

chitra said...

Agree with you. most of the times, few posts make us think . Some posts are read to gain information and some , just humorous.

Nice wayto deal with it. you get my kofee hamper!!!

Srik said...

this proves that you are a thinking blogger!!

chitra said...

Tee heee !! I knew that you would do this... :D

Anonymous said...

smart and diplomatic, definitely smart! :)


8&20 said...

reading your blog posts now has renewed meaning :).

Viky said...

idu solpa jasti aglilla?

Shruthi said...

Poppins, *sheepish smile*

Chitra, oh, thank you, thank you :D

Srik, heh heh!

Chitra, oh ho.. some people know me too well :O

Ano, ;)

8&20, ditto! So good to meet you!

Viky, haage ansattha?

- -