Friday, January 03, 2014

Day 4 - Something to think about?

A couple of weeks ago, I suddenly felt cold right after lunch (happens to me all the time.) I shivered involuntary, and grimaced.

Immediately, Puttachi, got up, went to my room, and brought my sweater to me.

Me: Oh thank you, sweetheart!  How did you know I was feeling cold?

She: Well, you shivered, and your face looked as if you were scared.  But then, you are not afraid of anything.  So that meant you were cold.  So I brought your sweater.

I gave myself mental high-fives.   "You've been a good role-model to your daughter, Shruthi! Not scared of anything indeed!" I told myself.

But then I stopped.  Come to think of it, that could also mean that I am not putting myself in situations where I could feel afraid!  i.e. I am not pushing myself enough.  Could that be true?

Food for thought!


shiny said...

Nice Blog...keep going on...

Anoop said...

Good observation, maybe wrong conclusion!
You might just not be showcasing your vulnerabilities and fears in front of your kid. Or maybe your kid has understood the context when she told that you are not scared of anything..

Shruthi said...

Thanks, Shiny!

Anoop, I thought of that too... hmm...

- -