Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 13 - Gap-toothed girl

I never had my milk teeth fall out on their own.  I had nearly all of them extracted because they took too long a time to fall, and I had another row of teeth growing behind them, like a shark.  Nowadays, you are advised to ignore it, but in my era, the stubborn teeth were extracted.  So I never had the experience of wobbly teeth, and teeth falling out unexpectedly.  My teeth were all separated from me in a dentist's chair with evil injections on my gums and the metallic taste of dental tools and a crrrrack as the tooth came out, and a gush of blood, and a cotton wad in my mouth and paralyzed lips for hours... And the only silver lining - icecream.

So I am living the wobbly tooth experience with Puttachi.  Four teeth are gone and she sports the delightful gap-toothed smile which I find absolutely adorable in little ones.   There is something about the innocence that goes with that toothless look that has my heart melting.  :)


Madhu said...

Same here had all of mine removed and now the saga continues with A. She had her first 2 pulled out recently because of shark teeth. " Nowadays you are advised to ignore it", really?? And yes Puttachi looks adorable with it :)

Shruthi said...

Pulled out, really? Will take some more opinions!

- -