Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 10 - The pleasure of being at the receiving end of good customer service

Yesterday, I took my sister to a shop that sells utensils and kitchen items.  I've been visiting this shop ever since my mom-in-law introduced it to me a few years ago.  It is always a pleasure to go there.  The salespeople are friendly, polite and they know their stuff.  They show you whatever you want with patience, digging out things from storage if necessary, and they don't show annoyance if you cannot make up your mind.  They pitch in with their opinion in case you are confused about something, but give you the space to think it out and make a decision.  If you just want to browse, they don't follow you around like a shadow, but they are immediately at your elbow if you have a query.   They are smart salespersons too - they are clever at suggesting appropriate items related to your purchases.   It doesn't stop at that.  The cashiers are friendly too.  They wear pleasant expressions, are professional and polite.  And all this is beside the fact that the shop stocks a large variety of things, and are also very enterprising when it comes to fixing things, or repairing loose handles, or replacing missing knobs on your idli stand, or providing you with the right fittings if you are buying a gadget to take abroad... you know, the works.

Now you would think that these attributes are a must for a successful commercial establishment.  But the funny part is that there are so few shops like this!  Bored-looking or lazy salespeople, surly cashiers, moody proprietors, lackadaisical sales skills, a laid-back attitude towards customers are so much the norm that the shop I talked about comes like a breath of fresh air.

And this is not even a posh establishment - just a local shop, with local people speaking your language, and being almost neighbourly with you.   I am not talking about the "Good morning, how can I help you today" kind of clinical politeness, and artificial friendliness.  This seems like a natural, inbuilt desire on the part of the shop to help the customer get what she wants.

Is this really so difficult to achieve?

Edited to add: The shop is Sarathy, in 3rd block Jayanagar. [Website]


sumi said...

why not mention the name of the shop, that could actually boost their clientele.Deducing from whatever you have written they deserve it, don't they?

Madhu said...

I might know which one you are talking about....I usually go there when I come down. Check your email :)

Manish'sMom said...

Good lord! Where is this Paradise?

Anonymous said...

Yeah Shruthi, Please don't deprive us of this customer friendly shop service. I'm dying to buy few kitchen related things and this is the apt time for me to check this shop out. Please let us know the shop name.


Shruthi said...

Madhu, bingo! :)

Sumi, Manish's mom, Rashmi - it is Sarathy, in 3rd block Jayanagar, Bangalore. I've updated the post with the name, and a link to the website. :)

- -