Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 16 - Music lessons

I've learned  both forms of Indian classical music - Carnatic and Hindustani, and while I'm far from being an expert on either, I understand and appreciate both forms.

A few months ago, Puttachi's classmates' moms and I were talking at the school gate, waiting to pick up our kids.  They were talking about how they were looking out for a teacher who would just teach the basics of Carnatic classical music.  Over the years, a couple of parents have asked me if I gave lessons, and I had vaguely thought, yeah, perhaps I could teach a few kids sometime.  But somehow, this time, something clicked.  On an impulse, I said, "If it is just the basics, I could teach them."

And that was it.  I have started giving music lessons.  It has been nearly 4 months now, and I am enjoying it.  Though it is tiring, and though I feel the need for peace and quiet after the class, I like it. I like it when my students make progress.  I like it when their eyes light up when they sing something right for the first time, and realize it.  I like it when they come skipping into our house for class - it means they come willingly and that they enjoy it.

I've learned so many things.  I learnt that sometimes you have to stop insisting on perfection and forge ahead.  Perfection will follow.  Or not.

I've learnt that I have more patience than I had previously thought.  I've learnt that I am not a bad teacher.

I've been surprised at how expertly I am navigating the paths of teacherhood, but then I realized that I've had years of opportunity observing my mother teach her students.  And unconsciously, I've grasped her methods, and am teaching my students in the same way.  And it is working.

It's good that I made the jump.  It has not been easy, but I'm glad I did it anyway.


Radhika said...

Nice to know you're enjoying the new role. Best wishes.

Transit Thoughts said...

Congrats Shruthi. Kudos!

Shruthi said...

Thanks, Radhika and Transit Thoughts!

- -