Monday, January 07, 2008

What do we have here?!

Remember my post about the maid's pregnant daughter who went to have a scan, and the sex of the foetus was revealed to her? That she was going to have a son? Well, she delivered her baby yesterday, and it is a...... girl!

Go figure!

Update: The child's father has been distributing sweets. So, all of you out there who have been worrying about the fate of this girl, please rest your troubled minds.


rajeev said...

Thats a trick played by many docs to save the girl child - lie. And at times they will say 'its a boy' even if you don't ask them the sex.
my source is a good friend - who runs a very popular gynae hospital in rural HP .

Sandesh said...

good to get to know abt that! But as far as i know, the mother will be watching the screen when they are scanning. she should have noticed it. hasn't she??

However, good to know that a child is saved. Wish my congrats to yo maid! =)

Serendipity said...

Good Grief! What is she kills it out of frustration :O

Err or is it just me ?:D

Sushma said...

Serendipity, thats EXACTLY what was on my mind!! :D

Veena Shivanna said...

This happened last week in Mandya. Couple had a girl child and it was their second baby. They wanted to abort it because it was a girl(after scan report). They went ahead and got it aborted in the nursing home and later found it was a baby boy.. The father fought with the doctor and made a big hungama and hence the news is out! I read it in newspaper and was thinking about your other post.
One thing is sure, if such cases happen atleast people would stop believing in this one (read as, would not approach any sonologists to know the sex of their baby ...which is good

sunshine said...

It is a different issue that fetal abortion should be banned, but every individual, rich or poor, black or white, has the right to know the truth about the baby's sex, if at all. The doc would have been sued if he was in the US, but then again, it was unfair to lie.

Lively said...

congrats to your maid. Good that the baby is saved. And i hope she wont harm it now because a mother is a mother right?

Wunderyearz said...

I just hope the baby has a safe future.

Shruthi said...

Rajeev, ohhh really? The maid's daughter hadn't asked for the sex of the child, she was told. But tell me, what purpose will it serve? If the girl is meant to be ill-treated, she will be even after she is born. in fact, the frustration might work against her too.

Sandesh, ha ha, do you really think its that easy to identify the sex of the child in the scan, by a lay person? During my scans, I kept looking, looking... I thought that the head was the stomach and the kidneys were the eyes, and the hands were the legs - how on earth could I have made out if it was a boy or a girl? :D

Serendipity, Sushma, luckily, these people are not that bad, that i know. But in other cases, I shudder.

Veena Shivanna, oh, didn't know about this. But hey, she hadn't asked for the sex of the child, she was told!

Sunshine, absolutely.

Lively, oh, do you really think so? I am afraid I don't... how many stories have we heard of mothers killing newborn daughters? There are heartless people too!

Wunderyearz, yeah, this family is not too bad.. don't worry about this particularly child :)

Timepass said...

I guess the doc has lied to avoid aborting the fetus. But actually he should not be disclosing the baby's gender even if asked for..Hope the baby is doing good and welcomed into the family( cause she did not turn out to be a HE)

Anonymous said...

My maid was telling me about this doc in her locality who doesn't mind revealing the sex. So I asked her what if he lies to save the girl baby? Her response?
If he contends that the baby is a boy, he is only paid half of his scan fee. Once the child is born and is indeed a boy, then the other half is paid.
There's a way around everything I guess, here in Delhi we call it JUGAAD!!!

rajk said...

I was amazed at the last comment by SM! Trust Indians to find a way to get paisa vasool service!!
On a more serious note..initially I too was worried that the parents may take out their disappointment by ill-treating the little girl. Good to know they won't. Hoping and praying for the little one!

M said...

Good lord! Anything can happen in the name of money!

Also, I was super-amazed at the comment by SM ! WTH indeed !!!

Endevourme said...

awwwsome :D!!

Kadalabal said...

a girl child saved from cruels people whom so ever is responsible is to be complimented and let this tribe grow further and let the killing in the womb stop.
shruthi thanks for update and your continued watching the happenings around u congrats and I wish many more savings like this

~nm said...

Makes me happy that she will get her share of love from her parents! Very happy! :D

Harsha Reddy said...

It is good that the doctor lied :P
Further leads to so many questions one such question is:

was it a true untruth?

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

he he he :) .... all well that ends well..

Sri Harsha said...

I think the father's reaction to this is what pleases me above everything.

Hopefully people's attitudes are changing for better back home.


Btw...belated new year greetings!

rambhai said...

isint revealing the sex of foetus illegal??? but if thats a technique (as rajeev said)to say the baby child~~~then may beits fine to lie to save a baby

- -