Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Eight Months

- Puttachi crawls around on all fours and follows me around everywhere. Mary had a Little Lamb has a new meaning!

- Her second tooth has sprouted, and is hastening to be as tall as the first. Even before I saw the second tooth, I knew it had come out - how? By the imprint of two little teeth on my wrist where she bit me.

- I am convinced that she tries to imitate whatever we say. Her first conscious word (we are so quick to want to point that out, don't we?) is probably "Ta-ta". She even waves when she is in the mood. She has been saying "ammammmammma" from a couple of days. I like to think that she is trying to say "Amma"... though it is more likely that she is just trying out a new sound :D [Psst... I am glad that she tried out "Ma" first and not "Pa".... imagine how S~ would have gloated over it... already he is insanely proud of the fact that Puttachi is crazy about him!]

- Her night awakenings are increasing because when she awakens, she first rolls over, then gets into the crawling position, then she sits, and after all that, she wakes up, and wonders, probably, what is happening. She doesn't know how to lie down again and go to sleep, so she cries. Such helpless, funny little things babies are!

- There was this one night when she woke up, crawled up to me, bit my shoulder, placed her head on it, and fell asleep. It was such a lovely feeling.. a mixture of amusement and tenderness! :) I was trying hard not to shake with laughter for it would wake her up. And it didn't help one bit that S~ was laughing his head off.

- A few times, she wakes up suddenly with a smile, then she babbles something sweetly and goes back to sleep. "Must be a good dream", I commented once. "Must be dreaming that Papa has just come back from office", says S~. Yeah right.

- If I have left her playing by herself and am doing something else, there is an infallible way of finding out if she is up to something naughty. If I hear a sharp intake of breath, and a very loud exhalation of breath through the mouth [something like the models in toothpaste ads checking the smell of their breath] - then I know that she has spotted something interesting [read 'forbidden"]. And to her, the most attractive object in the whole house is the rug outside the bathroom. *sob*

- She has this habit of bending her head sideways and looking at people that way. I guess she thinks she is playing peekaboo. But sometimes, when she is too enthusiastic, she bends far too much, loses her balance, topples over, and then bawls.


sunshine said...

hehe.... reading about Puttachi is a treat.....

Wunderyearz said...

Thanx for taking me back to the time when Jelly was 8 months. Could relate to every bit of it.

Kadalabal said...

alal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how time tickles definitely the time lost is lost forever. puttachi is into 2008 and already in 9th month. what a great time u had and it is nice you have documented it all for her. it is a a treasure of info right from day one to uptodate. so it is just a matter of time when she will step to years from months and it goes on and on life is like that.
congrats to both S&S for the ac complishments achieved because of sweet little princess PUTTACHI
may god bless her with plenty in evertyhing and bless for her beterement

Lively said...

Awwww! that s choo chweet an update. One is left wondering how time flies!! Love the baby babbling.
Oh! how you and MM make me wanna have babies....
Hugz and kisses to you and Puttachi.

Sushma said...

"she bends far too much, loses her balance, topples over, and then bawls"

Soooooooo cute!!!! Akka, Aadhre video thegadhu kalsu :)

Usha said...

loved this - she seems such a bundle of joy...
I love the description of how she wakes up and sits up and doesn't know how to lie down again. Give her one tight hug from me.
And that expression of excitement on seeing something interesting and waking up smiling from a dream - babies are really so lovely to have around arent they? I am so jealous of you now.

kodi's mom said...

such a lovely update and you have a beautiful way of describing her. I had to ROFL at the last image of her toppling over!

veena shivanna said...

that was such a lovely update. Now its the rug near the bathroom, next it will shift to the footwears. This is what I have heard from many parents.. Many of my friends have chanded the place where they keep their footwears after this stage :-)
Your live commentary is so neat that I could as well imagine she doing all that you said. GOD bless her.

mouna said...

stumbled into your blog.

the last para reminds me of my niece. she too had this habit of bending her head and observing things in that fashion. we would forcibly straighten her neck, and pop! she would go back to her original position.

i realised this; there was a smile on my face, when i read this one. thanks for that! :)

Road Rage said...

Hi shruthi,
I was hunting for people who work against plastic pollution in the city and I tumbled upon your blog, having read some, I found that you are an ardent blogger. Puttachi (My sure guess is your daughter is an interesting character). Nonetheless in case you know some one who has an organization which is against plastic and are doing some good work, do let me know on anumodh menon at gmail.

Srikanth said...

hi it is srikanth "murphy" here.

nice post. it took me back to 2004 end when my twin daughters were about 8 months old. crawling kids are the best vacuum cleaners for the house. and we had two such. sadly, they eat everything they find and start to fall sick often from now on (till they build resistance from eating kasa)

ur posts are great cos you capture in words what every parent goes through. u are gifted to wonderfully key them into a blog.
"heege blogtha iri" :-)

Anonymous said...


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