Tuesday, January 01, 2008


As I give and receive new year wishes, I think - the 1st of Jan is just another day like any other. The sun rises like any other day and sets as usual. But yet, we celebrate it because it is the first day of something new. Everything seems new, whereas, it really isn't. But if you think of it, every day is new. Every moment is new.

This hits me every morning when Puttachi wakes up. She opens her eyes, looks around, and whoops and smiles as if she is seeing everybody and everything for the first time. In the soft sunlight of the morning, her bright eyes look brighter as she greets everybody with the same unbridled enthusiasm. She bounces, and dances, and gurgles and coos. She looks around every room with delight and smiles happily when she encounters her favourite things. It is as if she re-discovers everybody and everything each day and finds happiness in it.

And that fills me with cheer and I find myself looking around and saying, "Yes, Life IS Beautiful."

I wonder when we stop being like that - looking at each day, each moment as something special, and enjoying it whole-heartedly. I wonder what makes us start waking up with a yawn and grumble, "Hmph. Yet another day."

I think all of us ought to bring back the children within us.

So this year, along with joy and peace, I wish for all of you the ability to find delight in every new moment, appreciate little things, and live life completely.

Happy New Year!


Yesh said...

Happy New Year to you and your family. Wish Puttachi a great year ahead with good health and joy to you.

Abhipraya said...

Oh Shruthi you so know to tug the right chord :) beautifully put. Happy new year to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Shruti! Hope you give us many more wonderful posts in 2008.

- One of your many anonymous fans

Raj said...

Lovely post. By far, the best greetings that I have come across this new year. Best wishes to you, Puttachi and the rest of the family.

Sachin said...

Hey Shruthi, Happy 2008 to you 3 and your family.....this is really funny....please check my blog and see my last post and you'll know what I mean.

Hope you had a good 31st.... take care!

Sandesh said...

I celebrate new year on Ugadi. Its the actual new year cause there will be climatic change. This is nothing new. I dunno why people get enthusiastic for these western things.

What do you say?

Anonymous said...

Thought provoking post ...you have brought it out wonderfully

Happy new year to you & your family & friends


rajk said...

That was a wonderful thing to wish for. Yes, we do become jaded with time and do need to keep the child alive in us. Thanks and wish you the same!

Shyam said...

I think my "hmph, yet another day" moments started when I began working! :D Happy new year to you and yours, Shruthi, and much love to Puttachi. May she always find joy in everything every day!

Morpheus said...

Happy New Year to you too!! well put..the move from 'another day- wow! to 'yet another day - SIGH!' is a subtle one...the jadedness creeps in..its sad!

Kadalabal said...

I am delighted to read the post "bring back the children within us"
wonderful I really happy to read and I can say this is the transformation
after you see the bloosming offspring
great thoughts and yes we must appreciate the small things and if we are able find delight in every new moment life is just beautiful
have wonderful week after week and it is not too far when puttachi will reach week 52 and have given a wonderful fun filled year to all of us in general and to both of you in particular

Pradeep said...

I am very happy at the postiive vibes coming out of this blog posting. Every child poses a challenge as well: how to retain the child's goodness even as it grows up.

Rajesh said...

Nice Post indeed !!

Shruthi said...

All, thank you!

Sandesh, why miss a chance to celebrate? I celebrate both Ugadi and the new year with equal fervour. What say?

Sandesh said...

whats the occasion you celebrate? In that case, why don't you celebrate it everyday? =)

- -