Monday, January 21, 2008

Eating food in class

When I was a student, I had an eternal problem. I would feel very hungry in the class just before lunch. I would have eaten a heavy breakfast, but as far as I was concerned, the lunch break was always too far away. In engineering college, we had a mid-morning mini-break, and I would have a quick snack packed for that break. So I was okay. But in school and pre-university , it was very bad.

The main problem was that I cannot concentrate when I am hungry. There was absolutely no use sitting in class when I was hungry. But eating during class was totally taboo. Something that didn't even cross my mind. So all that I did was think about my lunch box and look at my watch. What a waste of time.

In pre-university, we were slightly rebellious, so I would eat my lunch during class without being found out. My stomach would stop growling temporarily and I could concentrate.

When my sis PeeVee went to class in the US in the beginning, she took a long time to get used to people eating in class. She watched, horrified as they sauntered in with a sandwich and a drink and ate as the lectures progressed. She nearly fainted when the professors themselves walked in with food and proceeded to eat as they taught. She got used to it very quickly, and now she does it too.

It make so much sense. There is no way some people like us can concentrate on an empty stomach. So why make such a fuss if we can just have a quick snack during class? I wish the trend changes here too. At least the future generations can benefit!


Aditi said...

i know! another big taboo was leaving class for a restroom break at any time other than recess. which was also SO silly, cuz what wuz one supposed to do, if they hadn't perfectly timed their water consumption?

Supremus said...

It depends. If the other person eats in class making all the sounds and burps and bites and slurrps, then it is a problem for other students to focus on profs.

I've been in several classes like that. One prof merely laid down the rules saying, no eating, drinking or cellphone in class! It was a good riddance.

So, I think its more of a social responsibility rather than just being allowed to do what you want to do :)

anoop said...

I would think the Americans have food in the middle of a class due to lack of time, a result of their life on the fast lane.
I sincerely hope we don't end up like that.. ;)

Kadalabal said...

let ur wish come true and future generations benefit. it is true if ur hungry u can not concentrate. yes u must eat without disturbing otheres as they do in US then it is fine otherwise if allowed whole class will have murky sounds and no lecture an go on


yesh said...

Well, when you started mentioning about your sis classes i thought you will tell that they were giving lunch in the class at the time of lecture :).

PeeVee said...

I didn't nearly faint n all.. what are you saying?? :)

Wunderyearz said...

I'm with you on this Shruthi.There were days when I would feel the room going blank with hunger ruling my body and soul :D

But on a serious note people should have the basic idea of how to eat without disturbing others.

Sandesh said...

As many have pointed out, eating might disturb others in various ways unless you are so concentrated in the class.

Also, in India, we do have various class of people. Those who have their food 4 times a day to those who have once (Oppaththu). The rest might curb for those who start eating.

Also, people may ask excuse to wash their hands just to bunk class. If you bring in a wash basin in the class, how is it different than a hotel??

Classroom should be a classroom and not market where one does things what he likes. Do you agree??

Vivek said...

schools is also about discipline. So this is about disciplining your stomach. And your brain if its interwined with it ..
I have quite a few friends who I sincerely believe would have topped if they were allowed to smoke in a exam hall.

Vijay said...

A lot of our food needs "accompaniments" (Chutney, Sambar etc).. thats why I guess its not convinient...

PLUS it always tastes better if you eat on the sly.. even better if the carrier belongs to someone else :-)

Anonymous said...

I would go with what sandesh says. Moreover, do you tell me that all through the time we are/were in class we do/did concentrate on what we were supposed to? come on I do'nt buy that :-)

Shruthi said...

Aditi, absolutely! Thought about that too while writing this post. So silly, really!

Supremus, hyuk, hyuk, yeah I guess. But I still am for it :)

Anoop, if that's the reason, then that's their problem. My problem remains that of hunger :D

Kadalabal, :)

Yesh, oh wow, if it had been me, I would have been the first to sign up for such classes :)

Peevee, poetic liberty or whatever it was that we learnt in school.... give it to me!

Wunderyearz, now this comment I agree with totally :D

Sandesh, no, I don't agree. Eating something doesn't make it a marketplace. And there are ways to eat without soiling your hands! Wash basin .. ha ha! And if people are observing something, they should have that much control, else, what's the use? :)

Vivek, physical, and mental - different, different :D If I had been allowed to eat in class and during exams, I would have topped them too :D

Vijay. heh heh, now that's a valid point ... and about chutney sambar, when you are hungry, you don't need any accompaniments :D

Anon, oh I would have wanted to concentrate... would have saved me studying for the exams :D

Aniruddha said...

I found it a little strange initially too.. but I do it all the time now.. Its the surest way to stay awake.. :) And hey, a rare mistake in your post.. You say PeeVee took a long time to get used to it and in the next sentence you say she got used to it very quickly ;)

Veena Shivanna said...

hmm...May be here it was not allowed as part of discipline :-)
and remember some people make too much sound when they munch(a way to cherish the taste).. especially while eating some fried items(otherwise too)!

Well, when I first got to learn about this I was surprised , people walk out of the place to the table without hesitating..
and in the meeting notices(if it was a kind of all hands meet), they do send out a line detailing about whether snacks are provided there(sometime even mention about what exactly will be items)..

The best part is, the common mailers which goes out like, Left overs in the refrigerators..

People do not stare at you even if you pick up 2/3 tins of soft drinks :-)!!

Veena said...

it would be too good if tat would happen here too.....we had a prof who had come from US, he used to come to class with a diet pepsi in his hand ,not even a single day in one month did he miss his diet pepsi......

- -