Friday, March 31, 2017

Day 31 - What I learnt after 30 days of blogging continuously

It wasn't easy, blogging for 30 days continuously. I look at my posts from 7-8 years ago and I'm amazed at how chatty I was. I also note a downward slope in blogging as my published writing took off. I find that I'm increasingly reserved on my blog now. On some days this last month I had to struggle for something to write about. It is not like things aren't happening - they are, and sometimes at breakneck speed. I just don't feel like noting it all down on my blog. Perhaps I've just changed.

There's another reason that I think is the main culprit. The lack of response and interaction on the blog. After the advent of Facebook, I prefer saying things on FB, because of the engagement levels there. I get responses, I get to converse, exchange ideas . . . In the heydays of blogging, it was like that even here. Just open one of my old posts and see the deluge of comments out there. At that time, there was a kind of motivation. Now, I feel I am speaking to a void. I know some readers are still there somewhere, but I know that posting comments is a pain. Why, even I don't post comments on blogs I read. It is so much more easier on FB, even though I keep reminding myself that for me, FB and the blog have totally different purposes. FB is to network, and the blog is to record. And yet . . .

I have some more travel posts pending, but I myself got tired of those. So I'll take a break and then post them.

Meanwhile, I've decided not to subject myself to this enforced blogging for a while at least!


P~ said...

Sigh :(

Nithin said...

FB is to network but also to blog and share...I think the message is more important than the medium. In FB there are so many writers who write about stuff and it gives you pleasure to read and react. Also who said FB is not a medium of record! Just look at its memories feature - Does your blog do that!

Anonymous said...

Sigh :(

Shwetha said...

Hi you have dedicated FB page where you post? If not, why not have a page and link your articles back to your blog? That way we have both the old and the new :D

(If you ahve a page, please let me know so that I can subscribe)

I for one would surely read wherever it is :)


Shruthi said...

P~ and Anon, thank you for your sighs :) I'm sorry, but thank you :D

Nithin, I don't agree. Does FB have all your posts laid out in front of you, for you to find with a click of a button? Can you retrieve a post you wrote 7 years ago? Do you even remember that you wrote such a post 7 years ago?

Shwetha, Thanks for your interest. I don't have a separate page or anything, on FB - but this is my FB profile, where you can follow my public posts.

Anonymous said...

Shruthi, forceful blogging even I don't agree. But your posts are full of information, one liners, interesting and I can go on and on about it. I got really excited to read your marathon posts last month. So please keep it coming. I can assure you that your inbox will be flooded with comments from other readers like me.


Shruthi said...

Suguna, thank you so much :) But please do not feel pressurized to leave comments for every post, that wasn't my intention. I know blogs are not comment-friendly. But it is definitely nice to know that someone is reading, and listening! :)

Radhika said...

I've read every post of yours in March Shruthi. But didn't comment :-) Please continue to blog once in a while.

Mangala said...

Blog it for you :) Like an online journal or something. But I totally get everything you said!

- -