Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 2 - impressions

*The houses. I love looking at houses. And their gardens and their trees. There are some areas which I've come to recognize are full of lovely houses. And I always look out for them.

*The hills around this place. (Yet to do some research on them.) They are so bare, but strangely beautiful. Some have this yellow grass waving in the breeze, and they look striking against the bright blue sky.

*The trees are now acquaintances. I recognize them, but don't know their names yet. I think they'll start shedding their leaves by the time I get to know them, and then I'll have to wait until next spring to re-recognize them.

*I saw my first Redwood trees. They were babies I guess, and I did wonder if I would recognize them if I saw them. But no mistaking them. They soar to the sky so beautifully. I look forward to seeing the grand old Redwoods soon.

*Such a wonderful place in which to window-shop. If Shopping is the Great American Pastime, then window-shopping is mine. The malls! Their size! The number of shops! The things inside those shops! There is something for every need you can think of, and many things that you cannot think of! And the number of people milling about!

*Cleared my DMV written test, and got my driving permit. So now I can drive with a license-holder sitting next to me. Translates to S. Gulp. In India, I got help with driving practice from my Father-in-law, who sat on the passenger seat and gave me tips and confidence in equal measure, and I took off in no time.  Here, I don't have a choice. It has to be S sitting next to me and I think everybody knows how that will go.
Have to get used to the car first. The automatic car. And  I'm used to stick-shift cars, and I didn't expect how hard it is going to be to adjust to the supposedly easier kind of car. The first time I drove, I didn't know what to do with my left leg, used as it was to operating the clutch. I even tried operating the brake with it until I realized what I was doing. Besides I keep turning on the windshield wipers every time I have to signal a turn.

*Our house is completely furnished now. Every night after dinner saw S and me assembling furniture. I like to that think we partnered well. I reading out the instructions and pointing out the nuts and the screws and where to fit them, and S doing the drilling and fixing.
Oh and by the way, today is our tenth wedding anniversary.


Swetha said...

Happy Anniversary! And here's to many more! :)

I am re-living my first months in the bay area -- overwhelming choice of everything, missing going to a grocery store and asking for one particular item, memorizing random distances from the DMV book, many many trips to IKEA and many nights deciphering their no-words catalogues.. Thank you for reminding me of all the good times!

Oh, and about the hills, they turned brown only a month or so ago. From March to May they are a nice shade of green. Pleasant to hike or drive around. Hopefully it will rain more this year, and they will stay green longer next year.

Anitha Rao said...

As usual a nice write up .

Also a very happy Anniversary :)

austere said...

God bless both of you. And the little one.

So impressive,passing the driving test at first go!

Art said...

Congratulations on your Anniversary.. wish you many more..

Shruthi said...

Thank you all!

Austere, the driving test I took was only theory. Yet to take the behind-the-wheel test :)

Shruthi said...

Swetha, :) I did hear that the hills turn green sometimes. Waiting for that. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the beauty of the bare hills!

- -