Friday, July 17, 2015

A too-long summer vacation

Puttachi is enjoying ...ok let me call it experiencing...the longest vacation she'll probably ever have. 2 months of summer vacations in India, followed by 1 month of being at home in India since we had decided to move. And then 2 months of summer vacations here in the US. Add to that 1 month of March where she came back home at 10 30 the entire month. So effectively, by the time she starts school in the end of August, she'll have been at home for 6 months!

This wouldn't have been such a bad thing if things had been running on our regular schedule. My work would have been affected, of course, but apart from that, I can think of many things to do with her, many places to take her to, friends she could meet, etc.

But these few months have been anything but regular. I was busy during the first three of these months winding up the house, clearing, packing, giving away, and couldn't really spend as much time as I wanted to with her. Once we got here, we are busy setting up house. And where in Bangalore she had the luxury of going to meet friends at least, here, she doesn't have that  yet. Besides, since I don't have my license yet, we are effectively  homebound on weekday mornings, until S gets back from work. We do go out for walks close by, but we don't see children around in the morning. So it is just her and me.

For me, Puttachi's summer vacations usually mean that I have to cut down on writing, and I have to increase my tolerance to Puttachi's non stop chattering, and build up the patience to answer her incessant questions. But this time, due to all these other diversions, I've been short on both tolerance and patience. And naturally the too-long holiday has been hard on Puttachi too, and though she is good at keeping herself engaged and occupied, she is missing the company of children and is probably bored. That has translated to a lot of whining and groaning and not-listening-to-me and testing her limits and my patience, and a whole lot of laziness and do-I-really-have-to-do-it-why-do-I-have-to-do-it?

In short, I'm counting down to the start of school! In case you are interested, just under 40 days to go.


sneha ram said...

True , pretty long vacation . I would have been at my wits-end too . Maybe you should prepare her for the new schooling experience she will soon have. My daughter on the other hand is very envious of the long vacation because shes got tests this week .
So Siddhi goes "shes sooo lucky ... " . Will get her to facetime this weekend, tell Puttachi.
& Good luck to you ... hold on to your reins a while longer :)

Shruthi said...

I'm preparing her, trying to, anyway :)
Look forward to talking to you.

- -