Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Puttachi and time-travel

Thanks to the Septimus Heap book series and Interstellar, Puttachi has become extremely fascinate about time travel and the paradoxes that go with it. For instance, the grandfather paradox.

It is obvious that it is going on and on and on in her head, because frequently she comes up with a question that stumps me.

Here are two instances:

In the Septimus Heap series, at some point (tiny spoiler alert) the young Septimus meets his older self. The older Septimus gives the younger Septimus a piece of information. Clear so far?

Now Puttachi's question is: "The young Septimus got this information from the older Septimus. How did the older Septimus get that information? Did he learn it from elsewhere? No! Not necessary! Because when he was young, he had already got that information - from his older self! So at what point did this information enter this circle?"

Another instance:

She: I'll grow up and make a time machine. I wonder if I'll succeed.
Me: Let's find out if you'll succeed. If you make a time machine in the future, make the first stop on July 7th, 2015, at 6 pm, that is five seconds from now, to this room. Now wait - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - Go! No, you didn't appear. So that means you didn't succeed.
(And I laugh madly at my own joke)
Puttachi is not amused.
She (in a strict and solemn voice): Amma, two things. I didn't appear now, yes. That could mean many many things. One of the things it means is that I didn't succeed. But what if I think, "Oh anyway I didn't succeed so what is the point in trying"? And so if I don't even TRY to build a time machine because I think I didn't succeed, then ANYWAY I won't succeed.

If she knew the term self-fulfilling prophecy, I'm guessing she would've used it. I sure didn't laugh after that.



Poornakatha said...

What a kid!

Anonymous said...

When can I gift her H2G2?
Absolutely love her thinking, and can imagine the environment that fosters it! Yes, pat yourself on the back :)


Anu said...

If you really want to mind boggle a mind boggle watch "Predestination" (rated 14+ so sadly Puttachi cannot/shoud not watch it)...

Shruthi said...

Poornakatha, :D

Ano, yay, thanks! :)

Anu, sounds good. I'll watch it.

- -