Sunday, February 08, 2015


What is it with WhatsApp groups that makes outwardly sensible people dissolve into a mess of emoticons, stickers, flowers and hearts and sidey jokes? Overnight, they turn into forwarders of pseudoscientific snippets and stereotypical jokes and Good Morning messages and ancient forwards. Apart from that, every hair-tearing, annoying message is followed by appreciation - emoticons of ten pictures of applause in each message, by each of the 50 members in the group. And nobody ever smiles ordinarily any more. They all laugh with tears spouting from their eyes.

And to think that I'd once been so excited about the possibilities of WhatsApp groups!


Bhavana said...

Adding my experience to it..Few people in a group of 50 keep sending messages about their errand/experience or just ridicule each other with all remaining people unaware of any context of their chat..unnecessary updates..always phone keeps ringing with message tone..good morning, i had idly what u had..hmm gng out,,ca..ridiculous..I exited from all whats app groups.. Peace!

Shruthi said...

Ha ha exactly! I think I'm on the brink of signing out of all those groups too. Anyway, I've already muted them all, so that I can see them only when I want to.

Shammi said...

I'm seriously considering excusing myself from my family's whatsapp group - there are a couple of relatives once removed whose entire existence appears to revolve around bleddy forwards and supposed "jokes" of the "Santa Singh Banta Singh" type, or even more annoyingly the nagging wife-poor husband stereotype. Argh!

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