Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Hills are Alive

It turns out that I totally forgot that I was doing a post a day this month. :) I can't make up for the days I missed, but I'll make no more commitments that I can't keep!

So on to the topic - some years back, I broke my self-imposed vow not to comment on celebrities who mean nothing to me, and I expressed my disgust at Lady Gaga's meat costume. So I think it is only fair that I break my silence again, this time to commend her on her stunning performance at the Oscars. (Apparently she trained with a voice coach for six months just for this.)

I feel all the more compelled to speak about this because "The Hills are Alive" is MY song. It is the song that I've sung a countless times in the bathroom, and have imagined myself singing it in a hall full of applauding admirers. :p Basically, Lady Gaga lived my dream, and boy, did she live it well!


Madhu said...

Thanks for posting Shruthi. Was good to hear Sound of Music after so long ! Must say it was indeed wonderful.

sneha ram said...

Incredible voice huh ?? Surprised everyone for sure , NOW I'm curious about her other songs . respect !!

sneha ram said...

Incredible voice !! She surely surprised everyone , now I'm curious about her other songs ... Respect !!

- -