Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Explore Film-making - course from Futurelearn

Yes, I didn't put up a post yesterday, because I was on the move the entire day. (Really.) I'll make up by posting twice today.

Though I'm not a movie-fanatic, I've enjoyed reading and learning about how films are made. Every time I watch a movie, I go online and find out as much as I can about it - the inspiration, influences, trivia, special shots, etc. I guess my interest has something to do with the art of storytelling; after all, film-making is a very powerful way of telling a story.

So when I saw this course - Explore Film-making, I signed up for it. It started just this week, in case you are interested too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ms. Shruthi.
Will subscribe too.


Shruthi said...

Hope you enjoy it!

austere said...

gointothestory is awesome.
must read.

Shruthi said...

Thanks, austere! Will check it out.

- -