Sunday, March 10, 2013


I lived in Malleshwaram for nearly 20 years, and have fond memories of growing up and going to school there.  But in the last few years, after my parents also moved out from there, I haven't visited it much.

But with my work with The Hindu, I covered two places in Malleshwaram for two consecutive issues.   The first was Gupta Circulating Library, a 60-year old institution that is still going strong.  The second was Nightingale's Elders Enrichment Centre.  I had a marvellous time here, interacting with the members.  They made me laugh until my cheeks ached.  The visit really opened up many avenues of thought for me.... and it really struck me that every neighbourhood in every town needs a place like this where elders can meet on a regular basis and stay happy and active.  People in smaller villages and communities naturally have a setup like this, but in the cities, with increasing isolation and insularity, and growing distances and traffic, elders are finding it more and more difficult to get together with like-minded people and just enjoy themselves.

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