Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Shruthi's law of parenting - 2

Just like in life, nothing is constant in the world of parenting.

Though Puttachi started staying at school by herself from Monday, I resisted telling you about it, wanting to give it some time, making sure that it was indeed working. So I waited until today to put up a post about it.

Two minutes after I clicked on "Publish" on the previous post, I got a call from her school telling me that she was crying uncontrollably, and asking me to pick her up.

It could be because she was sleepy (she woke up very early), but whatever the reason, she did cry.

So there goes my brain again - how will Monday be?


vishal said...

ho ho poor baby.she is still a small kid to stay with our her mama .Give her l'ltle more time.she is brave girl ,she will be able to do it!.
I remember the first day of my kid at school ,when he readily went in to teh school..small figure walking away from me,I went through mixed emotions of happiness and sadness.happiness because I was too proud as a parent as my baby didn't make fuss going to school..sadness is well he is grown up and no more dependent on me :-( :-)...This is how parenting is all about ...

praneshachar said...

read both posts together its too early for her to completely settle down but certainly a good beginning. sweet little puttachi will go to big school, I am sure by then she will more at ease and your life will be more at ease. yes change of place atmosphere, big one from small may have some hiccups but sure she will get along with the envioronment very fast. have great time P and A

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