Thursday, November 26, 2009

Big School

And along with the lookout for a suitable playhome, the hunt for the perfect Big School was happening too. I had done a bit of research and shortlisted two schols X and Y as being suitable. (Teaching, teaching methods, values, distance, etc being the criteria.) I made the necessary enquiries and applied to both the schools. I also applied to school Z because it is a traditionally sought after school ;)

Puttachi gained admission in school Z first, but since that wasn't our preference, we waited.

Schools X and Y balanced out kind of evenly, and I would probably have been in a fix if we had heard from both of them at the same time. But as it happened, school X contacted us first, took a 1-minute interview in which Puttachi was in her element, and got back to us the next day to tell us that Puttachi was through.

So I made some more inquiries, talked to parents with children studying in the school, and came to the conclusion that this school is probably best suited to what we want for Puttachi, and so today we paid the fees, and she is in.

So there you go! My little baby will go to a Big School starting this June.


praneshachar said...

Wow already schooling for Puttachi how time flies.
Congrats on getting admission to puttachi in a school of your choice.
so u will have lots to answer from june onwards inturn lot to write in these columns
have gr8 schooling dear puttachi

Mumbai Paused said...

Time does fly!

Lively said...

Hey Shruti,
Reading you after a long time and that too Puttachi's stories is a treat.
To think of Puttachi as a girl and not baby is a bit difficult for us readers who've read through all those monthly milestone updates and stuff.
Still I wish all the best in the world and let this school expand her horizon in every possible way. May it be the best experience of school life for her.

sandeep said...

all the best to puttachi and mom :)

Ramesh said...

3 years and already in a big school! I wonder how small children at such a tender age are supposed to adjust to the environs of a big school.

Dhanya said...

WOW I still remember the day u updated about her birth.. time really flies..All the best baby.. You have taken the first step :)

Shruthi said...

my best wishes to Puttachi :)

G said...

hey! congrats for the first progressive step! and all the best to little Puttachi to tackle the outside world! hope she has a memorable school time!

Poppins said...

Congratulations! I feel like she grew up before my eyes and now big school already! Wow.

nowise novice said...

Dear little Puttachi,
You were amma's attachi,
You will have to detachi.....!?

Viky said...

ROFLING on nowise's comment!!

starry eyed said...

Yay! Schoolmate for my kids :) Congrats on getting in!

- -