Monday, June 23, 2008


I was watching the beautiful movie "Fiddler On The Roof" for the nth time. There is this song during Tzeitel's wedding, where her parents look at the couple and this song plays in the background"

Is this the little girl I carried
Is this the little boy at play

I don't remember growing old
When did they?

I feel that way already about my one year old Puttachi. I remember the way she was when she was brought to me minutes after she was born, and I look at her now... how much she has grown. So much time has passed, but I am still the same. Well, time hasn't stood still for me. Time has aged me that much more, but I don't feel it. But the passage of that time is more than evident on my baby.

I am sure it will be this way... My daughter will become five years old, ten years old, twenty..... and I will turn thirty, forty, fifty, sixty... and then wonder.. where did all those years go?

Sunrise sunset
Sunrise Sunset
Swiftly fly the days

Says the same song. That is how it is, isn't it? And those days become years before you know it.

During Puttachi's early days, my mother would tell me. "All this takes me back to the time when I was a new mother. Being awakened at unearthly hours by a tiny whimper, and the sleeplessness, the smell of milk and baby powder, the baby clothes, the soft, warm, bundle in my arms... it is the same thing happening all over again... this could be yesterday.... this could be my baby... but hey, when did my little baby grow up, old enough to have a baby of her own?"

Where did those years go? How did the time fly by? It is an unsettling thought.


charu said...

Nice post !yes, time flies !your daughter is lucky to have a mom like you !
hey, what kind of a part-time job are you doing ???

shyam said...

Hey Shruthi, that sounds very melancholy (more than you might have intended). The thing is, your mother has so many memories of you growing up - and so will you, of Puttachi :) As for time... believe me, the older you get, the quicker it flies, so enjoy every moment!

Gopal M S said...

Well, time to make most of the every moment you can get hold of with Puttachi.

Manasa said...

Even when she reaches your age, you will still be treating her like a kid :)

Kavs said...

a very sweet post. :)

Devaki said...

Yeah, time flies! But at least you will have all those wonderful memories with you always - in your mind AND in this blog (if your memory is as bad as mine)! :-)

lakshmisha said...

I as a father have a 5 year old Chinchu and a 2 month old Minchu as my daughters. They are the most adorable people for me , and now i look back those 5 years that have gone by and Chinchu has become a little girl running to school everyday. I am really very sad/bad that time has passed so quick and my little kids are growing so fast..i always ask myself, am I doing enough to enjoy the present and spending enough time with my kids.. i really dont have an answer.

CP said...

what a lovely presentation your posts have! I truely enjoy each one of them :)

Supremus said...

The post reminds of the final dialogue/quote of "The Wonder Years"

One day you're in diapers, next day you're gone. But memories of childhood stay with you forever.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Altoid said...


Done with the tag :). Check it out if you can.

Oh, and 'Fiddler on the roof' is my all-time fave movie too!

Veena Shivanna said...

So True.. To tell you frankly, I keep forgetting how my son looked when he was born (the face) until I see his photo. The new smiley looks stays permanant when i think about him.. and about time thing.. its happening to me in terms of days now.. I am unable to realise when did the sunrise and its already setting.. Motherhood is a bliss.!

Shruthi said...

Charu: answer in the mail! And thank you, do tell that to my daughter when we meet :D

Shyam: actually I was in a pretty melancholy mood!

Gopal: Well, its not really only about my daughter growing up... its also about my life flying past before I have a chance to do anything with it!

Manasa: Heh heh that's true!

Kavs: Thank you :)

Devaki: The memory is fickle - it remembers only what it wants to, and that is where blogs come in!

Lakshmisha: you are so right, there is never really an answer, all we can do is hope that we are doing the best! love to chinchu-minchu :)

CP: Thank you so much! Glad you enjoy them :)

Supremus: That's perfectly put!

Veena: Isn't it?! :)

Sachin said...

Shruthi, though life does fly by us, as long as you make sure you are keeping yourself occupied doing things you like, you should feel you are making the most of it.

Being the kind of person you are(at least as I perceive you to be) , you would have a nice, long list of "things to do". :)

Sometimes I get the feeling that I am not going to be able to do everything I want to do and it leaves me with this breathlessness along with "Am I doing things quickly enough? There are so many more things to do!"

With Puttachi, am sure every new milestone is going to be precious - so store them all for future use. It is just going to be endless episodes of happy memories, so don't just enjoy the present and look forward to the future. Cheers!

Collection Of Stars said...

:) Same feelings here.

Manpreet said...

Yup, the kids tend to be our age-o-meter. Till yesterday they were the mewing little creatures, today they are two individuals tryin to outdo each other in shouting matches.

Sudipta Chatterjee said...


R J said...

The same feeling persists since my son crossed 5 months barrier.. then onwards time seems only flying. I already miss the little baby not so long ago all cuddled up and bundled.. is it the same mischief maker, all of 9 months and with half a tooth grin that cannot stay put for a single moment? Amazing!

You have summed it up beautifully Shruthi. May you and Puttachi enjoy every single moment with each other.. to make up wonderful memories for tomorrow!

Mama - Mia said...


beautiful post! and its indeed a lovely song from an awesome movie!

how do these things happen?



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