Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A very verb-y tag.

Thank you Usha, for this tag. I enjoyed doing it. And I have to apologize that I retained a couple of your answers, because I couldn't see any other answer that fitted as perfectly.

I am: older than I was yesterday.
I think: too much.
I know: I am being unreasonable at times.
I want: to see the world.
I have: a loving family and great friends.
I wish: I had a magic wand that I could wave and make everything alright in the world.
I hate: to behave in unnatural (to me) ways to please people.
I miss: climbing trees and cycling in the rain.
I fear: being a burden.
I feel: happy and sad and miserable and euphoric.. all in one day.
I hear: thunder.
I smell: petrichor
I crave: for pakodas and tea and good company.
I search: for my real self.
I wonder: why people are the way they are.
I regret: not having taken care of my teeth better. (I'm undergoing a horrible root canal treatment, that is why this enlightenment).
I love: life.
I ache: when I see injustice.
I care: about people.
I am not: male.
I believe: people blindly most of the time.
I dance: with Puttachi.
I sing: in tune.
I cry : easily.
I don’t always : try hard enough.
I fight : when reasoning and discussions don't work.
I write: to lighten my heart.
I win: friends and influence people (How I wish!)
I lose: gracefully (I think).
I never: say never again. (This is not the entire truth, but I couldn't think of anything that I "never" do).
I always: try to be on time.
I confuse: myself with all the thoughts in my head.
I listen: sincerely when people are pouring their heart out to me.
I can usually be found: tearing my hair out, and running after Puttachi.
I am scared: of losing my loved ones.
I need: love and understanding.
I am happy about: how this tag has turned out.

I don't usually tag people, but how about I tag some new friends and readers this time... Sumana, Lively, Swati, ~nm, Dhanya... , and of course, an old friend, Shyam who likes tags :). Anybody else? Please feel free to pick up this tag!


Usha said...

Thanks Shruthi.
That was interesting - I was rather surprised at the number of times I had to stop and think for the genuine answer to each of this. In that sense this tag involved a lot of introspection too apart from being fun.
I think Sumana and Swati have to do it -once for me and once for you. :)

Dhanya said...

Really interesting :) Had read it in Usha's blog and was looking forward for yours..
Btw,Is that really me who you tagged?

Manasa said...

That was a wonderful post!

~nm said...

Oye! You didn't leave a comment on my blog about the tag! I would have missed it if I had chanced my name!

Kadalabal said...

I have taken the tag and done it as I don't have a blog to post I am putting in the comments here below:

I am: an optimist.
I think: a lot may be sometimes too much
I know: I get agitated on issues
I want: live as I wish and do my little for the society.
I have: a caring family, good team of colleagues and great friends.
I wish: I had the power to change our country free of corruption and full of development
I hate: people cribbing without doing anything and back stab
I miss: childhood days and my hometown
I fear: for nothing
I feel: I should have born 4 decades later
I hear: what I want
I smell: jasmine
I crave: for good friends and frank people.
I search: for peace and what this life if.
I wonder: why our society is so indifferent.
I regret: for not being a scientist who can change the whole world.
I love: nature and good people
I ache: when openly people lie.
I care: about people, nature and my pet.
I am not: what?.
I believe: people and feel sad when some does things you can not imagine
I dance: only see people dancing
I sing: in silence.
I cry : sometimes
I don’t always : ???
I fight : for good cause and justice
I write: now mostly like this in reply to posts in blog ( not a writer like so many blog friends who have so much in them)
I win: people most of the times ( not always because truth is bitter)
I lose: if I am convinced I am wrong (I think).
I never: .ever think ill about others and wish a society allowing all to do what they like
I always: try to be on time.
I confuse: with thoughts of what is life (why people fight for nothing and allow someone to exploit them mostly common man gets exploited by all including political system and admin).
I listen: sincerely when people are pouring their heart out to me.
I can usually be found: among people and in groups
I am scared: people who talk one thing and do right opposite.
I need: good friends,people who care for nature and of course for me too
I am happy about: what I am today

Thanks Shruthi some replies are taken from yours



Manpreet said...

Very cute and very innovative...
compliments to whoever conceived of this tag

- -