Friday, June 13, 2008

Where to find good outfits for kids!

Look what comes from pouring your heart out to dear friends - Solutions!

In response to my tale of woe in my last post, many suggestions poured in. Wunderyearz mentioned Dolphin's in Malleshwaram. Just as I was planning my next trip to Malleshwaram, Collection of Stars wrote to say that there is a Dolphin's in Jayanagar 4th Block. I immediately did an online search, got the phone number of the Jayanagar outlet, called them, found out the location, and landed up at the place yesterday. [It is on 11th main, 4th block Jayanagar, in the basement of Pizza Corner].

It is a small place. Not too many clothes, and they are all displayed on the rack. Not like in other places where you ask the salesperson to show this and that, and then you find that you don't like anything and then you feel bad for having asked her to show you so many outfits.

Oh yes, and the clothes are good! Bright, and smart designs, and easy on the pocket. I liked most of them. We bought a nice sunny yellow dress for Puttachi.

Collection of Stars also mentioned "Desi". I haven't been to Desi after Puttachi was born, but I have visited a similar store (sister concern??), "Parampara" in Mysore. I got a very pretty copper sulphate blue frock from there for just Rs.65. It is very pretty. The only problem is, of course, that it runs colour and it needs to be handwashed. [I also got a very beautiful skirt for myself at Parampara, but I am digressing].

Kanti Joshi mentioned "Solo" and "Crystal" on DVG Road.

Solo puts up a sale regularly at the hall next to Aavani Shankar Mutt in Basaveshwaranagar. I have gone there twice since Puttachi was born, and we found that some of the designs were very good. And most of them were at unbelievably reasonable prices. I was just thinking that I should try and catch up with the next Solo sale, and so I am glad that Kanti Joshi told me about the Solo outlet.

Sumi Akka presented Puttachi with one of her first frocks - a very pretty one, and said that it was from Crystal, Mahakavi Kuvempu Road (The road connecting Navrang and Malleshwaram Circle), but I never got around to checking out the place. I am guessing the Crystal on DVG Road that Kanti mentioned is a branch.

Any other good children's clothing stores that you know of? (In Bangalore) Please leave the info in the comments section! Thank you all, and once again, hurrah for blogging!


Dhanya said...

Why don't you post a snap of Puttachi in all those pretty frocks?

Btw your tag is done :)

Serendipity said...

2230,23rd Cross 9th Main 2nd Stg
Banashankari, Bangalore, 560070
+91 80 26771092

Lovely traditional wear for little girls :)

Kanti Joshi said...

'Crystal' has four outlets in Bangalore- not able to lay my hands on the adresses...will post it as and when I get it...

For good Jeans and branded clothes, "Brand Factory" in Marathalli has a good collection- they always have their "buy one-get one free" offers...! And almost all the good brands are there- Check it out!!

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Manasa said...

whoa, frock for Rs 65? You could've bought few more for the same cost spending 600 or 700 bucks.

Maverick said...

Im totally unaware of the discussion goin on here, but this reminds me of those small dresses of mine which my Mom had preserved in an old suit case. Once she digged up all of them showing me how small and cute my legs were and how that bright yellow shirt suited my complexion.

We spent hours doing it and so much joy it was, My Mom's happiness and nostalgia were clear in her eyes. No matter what generation, all the Mothers are alike aren't they?

Gopal M S said...

Roadside. Look for those large 'pandal' sales that crop up in most suburbs from time to time. Great value. Infant and toddler clothes for as little are rs. 20 and rs.30. They are export rejects and u will ahve to look for damages which are usually very minor.

For those in the Northern Suburbs:

Sanjaynagar has one sale going on right now near Food world.

On BEL New Road, there a sale on in below the megamart. Just before you turn towards Dollars Colony.

I bet there are several other sales going on across the city.

Poppins said...

Lookit me whining along with you when others have given solutions !? Crystal, how can I forget, yes they have decent stuff for cheap. Most of it export quality, I found Disney stuff for 200 Rs.

Crystal is on 24th Main Road J'nagar (yes, close to Brigade Millenium ;)

Collection Of Stars said...

Glad to have helped :)
And, how could I forget Baalika? They have lovely traditional outfits for little girls.
Desi has frocks in Kalamkari prints. They don't run color and are easy to maintain. There is a Desi outlet in Patalamma street near South End Circle.
Now, I got to check out Crystal :)

sumi said...

I have been through this 'frock hunt'for the past 10 years and am still at it. Going by my experience, until about the age of about 8 it is possible to find decent frocks for your little girl even though at times you will be forced to cross over your budget. But the concept of frocks for girls in the agegroup 8 and above just does'nt exist. So, have a go at it when you can. But do'nt stick to the crystals and dolphins, many a times I have been able to make 'the pick' among the trash. So, happy hunting :-)

Anonymous said...

Parampara is almost a sister concern. They get clothes from Desi.

ravi said...

gopal m s!

Sir, we'd be lucky if they were just export rejects!

They are in fact, donated clothes which have been redyed and restarched!

It is a big scam, what ever is donated to Red Cross/Salvation Army/other altruistic organisations (may not be really representing them ... or may be ...) end up here!

Read this blog post and follow that Beeb story in that:

You never know what doDrOga did the previous wearer suffered from! :O

Another thing, do not buy cheaper Chinese toys that they sell in such places.

I know Mattel and co. can hardly be trusted but they have a brand to protect(they may be dumping their poisoned toys here!).

Swati said...

hey ..pls post address as well

G's momma said...

Hi shruti,
my mil gifted my daughter a couple of frocks from Fab-India. Very nice and summery! but yes, they need to be handwashed too!! i also found some pretty stuff (pyjama sets and such) in 4th block area, close to Liliput!

- -